Fergus Crawley’s 6 Time Management Recommendations To Maximize Training Results

Finding the time to train for a big goal while juggling other commitments can be challenging. However, time management is crucial for hybrid athlete Fergus Crawley, who trains for a 250-kilometer ultramarathon while holding onto a 600-kilogram powerlifting total.

On Feb. 27, 2024, Crawley published a video on his YouTube channel, sharing six ways he manages his time around work to maximize training results. Check out the video below:

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1. Be Prepared

Crawley suggests prepping for an early morning training session by laying out your gym bag and preparing food the night before. This strategy can save precious time when feeling rushed. 

Following a structured training program helps minimize wasted time and reduces the risk of deviating from your plans.

Reduce the friction, and it’ll make everything else easier.

Crawley recommends a wearable fitness tracker to monitor sleep, recovery, and exertion. This data can be valuable for optimizing training and overall health. For example, if you’re feeling sore or fatigued and the fitness tracker’s data confirms a lack of recovery, you are better informed to adjust your training accordingly.

2. Finding the Gaps

Crawley recommends scheduling training sessions in your calendar and safeguarding this time as you would for any crucial appointment. Time blocking can help avoid double-booking and ensure dedicated training time in a busy schedule. You are likelier to stick to your training schedule if you treat it as a non-negotiable commitment. 

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3. Make It a Rule / Protect Your Time

Crawley reinforces the importance of honoring the time blocked in the calendar for training, underscoring the role of grasping the purpose behind training, as it can bolster commitment. He recommends communicating your “why” to those around you so they understand the importance of your training. 

Honoring [time blocking] and holding yourself and those around you accountable…is very important.

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4. Learn From Yourself / Plan

Learning from yourself is another crucial aspect of Crawley’s time management philosophy. He encourages scheduling training sessions when you feel most energized.

For instance, an early riser might have more energy and focus for a challenging workout earlier in the day. Set yourself up for success by aligning training sessions with times you can reliably commit to.

5. Delegate Your Time

For people with the resources, Crawley suggests delegating tasks that are either unenjoyable or not the most efficient use of their time. This could include hiring a cleaning service or asking a friend to help with errands. 

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By delegating tasks, you can free up valuable time to focus on training and other important commitments.

6. Compromise / Accept Reality

Crawley encourages compromising and accepting reality by being realistic about what you can accomplish and avoiding trying to do everything simultaneously. 

With all the will in the world, there is only so much time and availability that we can maximize.

Finding a balance between training, work, family, and other commitments is important. By accepting that you cannot do everything perfectly all the time, you can avoid burnout and make the most of your time.

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