2024 HYROX Madrid Results — Kremer, Corlett Triumphant

The 2024 HYROX Madrid race occurred on March 2, 2024. The race featured its standard eight functional fitness stations, each separated by a one-kilometer run. Pro-division races for Individuals and Doubles were featured.

Jezebel Kremer of France stood atop the Women’s Pro division, and Adam Corlett of the UK did the same for the Men’s Pro Division. Lorraine Conwell and Aoife Martinson won in the Pro Doubles divisions for the women and Ruben Patiño Vieites and Cristhian Zarta Muñoz for the men.

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2024 HYROX Madrid Results

Below are the final standings for the four contested Pro divisions in Madrid:

HYROX Pro Women

Jezabel Kremer — 1:06:17

Carolina Silva — 1:11:18

Eva Rodrigues 1:11:49

Manuela Garcia — 1:13:23

Poppy Jones — 1:15:08

Tania Casanova Ramos — 1:15:19

Pilar Santafé — 1:15:38

Dzintra Grech — 1:16:35

Anna Clarke — 1:16:37

Jitka Hall — 1:17:28


Adam Corlett — 1:01:45

Samuel Pimentel Luis — 1:02:03

Jose Salama — 1:02:16

Jeronimo Mendez De La Maza — 1:03:23

Valentin Gamba Dondich — 1:03:37

Roberto Viciedo Gimeno — 1:04:10

Carlos Fornes Mengual — 1:05:02

Jorge González Álvarez — 1:05:12

Thomas Dubost — 1:05:32

Savo Hertig — 1:05:42

HYROX Pro Doubles Women

Lorraine Conwell, Aoife Martinson — 1:11:37

Mamen Lopez Sola, Nuria Pastor Perez — 1:11:50

Anna Díaz Cortes, Candela Arjona Pérez — 1:13:28

Andreia Ferreira, Gabriela Costa — 1:14:53

María Riquelme Ulecia, Adriana Aguado Ruiz — 1:16:08

Vanessa Patrícia Santos Salgado, Elisabete Manuela De Afonseca Costa — 1:16:47

Beatriz Portela, Qing Inmaculada Zhou Chen — 1:17:53

Pili López, Milu Hernández Valiente — 1:21:48

Rosie Vaughan, Melanie Kirk — 1:22:49

Holly Isitt, Lucy Dartford — 1:22:50

HYROX Pro Doubles Men

Ruben Patiño Vieites, Cristhian Zarta Muñoz — 56:39

Hugo Ventura, Diego Caballero — 57:21

José Luis González, Aldo Lozano Márquez — 59:30

Eduardo Martín González, Javier Flores De La Fuente — 1:01:46

Joel Guerrero, Damian Bevilacqua Chaiven, Damian Bevilacqua Chaiven — 1:01:56

Daniel Hurtado Cano, Jonathan Escribano Arjona — 1:02:21

Miguel Meira, Pedro Cunha — 1:03:34

Alejandro De La Rosa Hinojal, Enrique Soriano Botella — 1:03:38

Osvaldo Lomelí, Joao Pedro Paiva De Cunha — 1:03:50

Victor Esparza Monreal, Vicente Javier Esparza Martinez — 1:05:28

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The weekend of March 2-3, 2024, was crowded for HYROX competition. In addition to the Madrid race, Jake Dearden and Bryony Keys won the 2024 HYROX Glasgow contest, and Lauren Weeks and Dylan Scott scored gold at the 2024 HYROX North American Championships.

While there are plenty of races in the coming weeks, the next Elite 15 race that features HYROX athletes with the fastest all-time scores is the 2024 HYROX World Championships in Nice, France, on June 7-9, 2024.

Featured image: @jezabelkremer and @ace_performanceuk on Instagram

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