Antonio Pérez Barros (105KG) Sets IPF Junior Raw Squat World Record of 335 Kilograms

Spanish powerlifter Antonio Pérez Barros is well known as a big squatter, having taken the squat gold medal in nearly all his international competitions. Pérez Barros is also the current European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) Junior European Champion in the 105-kilogram class.

Pérez Barros competed at the 2024 EPF European University Cup in Nancy, France, on Mar. 3, 2024, where he secured the squat gold medal with his opening lift of 300 kilograms. He went on to take 320 kilograms for his second attempt and wound up to an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Junior world record with a colossal 335-kilogram (738.5-pound) squat. Take a look at the lift below:

Pérez Barros looked solid under the barbell during the walkout. The record squat appeared smooth and comfortable, hinting that he’s got more in the tank.

Pérez Barros wore knee sleeves, a lifting belt, and wrist wraps to support the lift. Low bar squatting can strain the wrists and elbows, so many powerlifters use wrist wraps to alleviate that strain. However, elbow sleeves are not permitted in IPF competitions.

2024 EPF European University Cup Results — Antonio Pérez Barros (Spain), 105KG


300 kilograms

320 kilograms

335 kilograms — IPF Junior World Record

Bench Press

165 kilograms

175 kilograms

180 kilograms


295 kilograms

325 kilograms

350 kilograms

Total — 840 kilograms

Pérez Barros first broke the Junior squat world record with 330.5 kilograms at the 2022 IPF Junior World Championships (JWC) in Istanbul, Turkey, on his way to the overall bronze medal. France’s Corentin Clément then took the record back at the 2022 EPF European Classic in Skierniewice, Poland, by pushing it to 332.5 kilograms.

The 2023 IPF JWC in Cluj Napoca, Romania, was Pérez Barros’ next opportunity and he made the most of it. Pérez Barros reclaimed the record with 333 kilograms and finished in third place overall.

Pérez Barros won the Junior European titles in 2022 and 2023 and finished with the bronze medal at the JWC in both years. The two lifters who finished ahead of Pérez Barros at the 2023 JWC have since aged out of the Junior category (age 20-23). Pérez Barros is in his final year as a Junior, so he has his best (and last) chance to become Junior World Champion at the 2024 JWC.

The 2024 JWC will be held on the island of Malta at the beginning of September. Stay tuned to find out if Pérez Barros can extend the world record even higher and win his first world title.

Featured Image: @the_epf_ on Instagram

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