How to Program CrossFit Open Workout 24.2 for Kids

Athletes across the world are once again taking on another tough Open workout. Just like last week, we want to make sure the workout is adapted to any skill level and to all ages. 

Here are some ways you could adjust workout 24.2 to accommodate a CrossFit Kids class.

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Pre-School and Elementary

If your kids are all comfortable rowing, you could keep that component but shorten the distance. If there aren’t enough rowers or if you have kids who are possibly too little, you could incorporate a run instead. 

For the deadlifts, if the kids aren’t comfortable yet with barbells, they can deadlift a kettlebell or two dumbbells. 

The double-unders could be altered to single-unders. But if those are still too challenging, kids can be encouraged to make a certain number of attempts or jump rope for time (try to get as many as they can in 30 seconds.) 

Possible scales:

Substitute running for rowing

Alter the distance of the row

Deadlift with a kettlebell or dumbbells

Substitute double-unders for single-unders

Decrease the time frame

EMOM Format

You can change the workout into an EMOM instead of an AMRAP to keep the little kids motivated and focused. That way, all the kids are working at the same time on (or close to) the same movement. This would work well if you’re altering the jump rope reps into timed practice. 

9-Minute EMOM

Minutes 1, 4, and 7: Row for distance

Minutes 2, 5, and 8: 10 deadlifts

Minutes 3, 6, and 9: Jump rope practice

Middle and High School

For this age group, you can decrease the time from 20 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes, decrease the weight of the deadlift, and opt for single-unders rather than double-unders. 

Because you may have kids of all sizes, ages, and abilities, you can add a strength session before this workout and have your athletes establish a comfortable set of 10 deadlifts. That way, they can find which weight is best for an unbroken set of 10 if needed and then break it up as they fatigue. 

Best of luck with this fun workout, and we hope your kids enjoy it. Check back next week, as we’ll have a plan for the final Open workout of the season.

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