EGYM Launches AI Training Plans, Hip Thrust Machine

The fast-growing fit tech company is hitting on two of the biggest trends in the fitness industry with new software and hardware unveilings

When it comes to groundbreaking innovations, EGYM likes to go two at a time. The fast-growing fit tech company announced the upcoming launches of EGYM Genius, an AI-powered training software, and Hip Thrust, its newest smart strength training machine.

EGYM Genius is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that creates fully automated, personalized training plans tailored to clubs and their specific equipment. Genius connects entire gym floors, linking different machines made by different suppliers, even including free weights.

This tech connects all of EGYM’s components, such as EGYM Smart Strength (including its Fitness Hub and connected Smart cardio), training plans, workouts of all kinds (including classes and training outside the gym recorded with apps and wearables) as well as motivational and community tools such as Gameday and EGYM’s Branded Member App.

Trainers and club members will get insights from seven billion EGYM data points (and growing) while using the software, including data from training sessions carried out on EGYM and partner devices. The data points help Genius generate precise recommendations for individualized training plans for users.

EGYM’s AI Push

EGYM, which raised $225 million in 2023, continues to invest in AI. With Genius, the brand is making good on its intentions to utilize tech to create a connected gym.

“We want to make the whole gym ‘smart’,” EGYM North America general manager Dana Milkie previously told Athletech News. ”By understanding members’ preferences, their goals and experience levels , and combining it with the data we are able to track on our platform, we can deliver a workout tailored to the member and the operator’s facility.”

Bringing Tech to Glute Training

As glute training increases in popularity along with strength training as a whole, EGYM is capitalizing with the Hip Thrust, which the fit tech brand says is the world’s first fully electronic hip thrust device, using smart weight rather than physical weight or resistance bands. The equipment strengthens lower body muscle groups with a focus on the glutes and hamstrings.

The product marks the 19th piece of strength equipment from EGYM, broadening its portfolio of machines and addressing consumer demand. The Hip Thrust offers a space-saving design along with a user-friendly interface that can be used both independently and in an area concept, EGYM assures.

Hip Thrust will work within EGYM’s ecosystem of smart equipment, and will also be backed by Genius. The Hip Thrust is projected to be available sometime this fall, with Genius available in October.

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