Fireside Chat: Echelon CEO Lou Lentine on the Art of Fitness Supply & Design

Lentine and Arch Amenities Group VP/Development Danny Dulkin join ATN’s video series to discuss how their companies work together to build a winning gym environment

Lou Lentine, founder and CEO of Echelon, a leading manufacturer of connected fitness equipment, and Danny Dulkin, Vice President of Development at Arch Amenities Group, which creates bespoke wellness spaces, join Athletech News Founder and CEO Edward Hertzman in this exclusive “Fireside Chat” interview. 

Lentine and Dulkin explain how their companies work together to build the best possible gym environment as equipment supplier and designer, respectively, following industry trends and capitalizing on their strong relationship. Alongside Hertzman, the Echelon and Arch execs dive into concepts such as the rise of strength training, getting the most out of a gym space and what lies ahead for the fitness industry.  

Watch the full interview here for expert commentary on the following:

What makes a successful fitness supplier and designer relationship in 2024

How to give gym members what they want while maximizing real estate

The future of fitness from multiple industry perspectives

Key Talking Points

(0:00 – 0:55) Introductions

(0:55 – 2:07 ) How fitness facility layouts have evolved

(2:07 – 3:55) Designing products to meet new layout demands

(3:55 – 6:10) Foundations for the Arch and Echelon partnership

(6:10 – 9:09) Addressing strength training’s popularity from a supplier and design side

(9:09 – 10:17) Importance of acoustics in gym design

(10:17 – 13:44) Space management both with gyms layout and equipment

(13:44 – 16:49) Connected rooms and increasing retention

(16:49 – 18:39) Incorporating wellness and recovery into modern gym floors

(18:39 – 20:40) Things to look forward to in the rest of 2024 

(20:40 – 23:04) Why gyms will never be dead

(23:04 – 24:07) Wrap Up

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