2024 CrossFit Open Age Group Results

The 2024 CrossFit Open is officially in the books. Over the course of three workouts, competitors squared off in tests of endurance, strength, and mental fortitude. When the dust settled, this year’s Open cemented itself as one of the most successful yet, and now we know who came out on top.

Below, we have a rundown of the top three finishers in every age division. The results are still unofficial, so we will update any changes as they arise.

Age 14-15


Pablo Tronchon – 11 points

Mourad Katy – 16 points

Maddox Metcalf – 19 points

Tronchon finished fifth in the 2023 CrossFit Open and took 10th in the 14-15-year-old division at the Games. 

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Keira McManus – 12 points

Addy Gadoci – 12 points

Leticia Cerqueira – 14 points

McManus and Gadoci tied in points, but McManus won the tie-breaker by winning 24.1.

Age 16-17


RJ Mestre – 3 points

Sebastian Cannata – 28 points

Ka’eo Subiono – 36 points

Mestre won with the lowest point total possible by taking first on all three workouts. 


Kendall Gilmore – 12 points

Bergrós Björnsdóttir – 12 points

María Granizo – 14 points

Like in the 14-15 year-old division, Gilmore and Björnsdóttir tied in points, but Gilmore had an event win on 24.2, taking the tiebreaker. 

Age 35-39


Carmen Perez Ruiz – 32 points

Kristin Holte – 33 points

Helena Collins – 34 points

In her final year of the 35-39 age group, Carmen Perez Ruiz locked up the victory by a single point over CrossFit legend Kristin Holte. Perez Ruiz finished fourth in the Open and seventh at the Games in 2023.


Will Moorad – 18 points

Mitch Wagner – 23 points

Travis Mead – 27 points

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Will Moorad, a five-time Games athlete as an individual and newcomer to the masters division, took the win with first-, 13th-, and fourth-place finishes. 

Things to note: The reigning Games champion on the men’s side in this division, Sam Dancer, finished in 23rd place. The reigning champ on the women’s side, Laurie Clément, finished in 20th place. Heavy-hitter Bronislaw Olenkowicz finished in fourth place. A couple of notable names not competing this year are Rich Froning and Scott Panchik. 

Age 40-44


Giulia Roggio – 8 points

Elia Navarro – 10 points

Jamie Latimer – 22 points

Roggio locked up her first-place finish thanks to her wins on 24.1 and 24.3.


Michael Laverriere – 30 points

Makengo Lewis – 35 points

Patrick Midgley – 53 points

Laverriere came in second at the 2023 CrossFit Games to champion Rudy Berger, who finished in eighth in this year’s Open.

Age 45-49


Val Voboril – 18 points

Deanna Posey – 22 points

Jessica Casas – 24 points

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Voboril is a six-time Games athlete as an individual. Her last time competing at the Games was in 2017.


Caine Hayes – 23 points

Fernando Gonçalves – 23 points

Christopher Anderson – 32 points

Hayes won 24.2, thus winning the tie-break over Gonçalves, who finished with the same amount of points.

Age 50-54


Janet Black – 16 points

Cheryl Brost – 17 points

Amy Myring – 28 points

Black won the Open without taking wins on any of the three workouts. She has made eight trips to the CrossFit Games and has competed as a masters athlete seven times, winning her age group twice in 2015 and in 2019.


Jamie Mcgarva – 5 points

Chad Augustin – 14 points

Xavi Canadell – 29 points

Mcgarva took the Open with two runner-up finishes and a first-place win in the three workouts. He has never competed at the CrossFit Games. 

Age 55-59


Francoise Mahier – 4 points

Tiiu Maavere – 24 points

Maureen Bernard – 34 points

Mahier took the overall win with two first-place and one second-place finish in the Open workouts. She competed at the CrossFit Games in 2019 and 2021 in the 50-54 age group division, finishing in fourth and eighth place, respectively.


Antonio Boldrini – 43 points

Jason Keith – 46 points

Liemerson Caporalli – 54 points

Boldrini has competed at the CrossFit Games twice and finished third in the 55-59 age group category in 2022. 

Age 60-64


Laurie Meschishnick – 4 points

Donna Eramo – 18 points

Sarah Bell – 22 points

Meschishnick took two firsts and a second in the three workouts. She is a 10-time Games athlete in the masters division and a two-time champion. 


Stuart Swanson – 31 points

Pierre Cleroux – 40 points

Karl Backs – 48 points

Swanson is the current Fittest 60-64-year-old on Earth in the men’s division. He has made four total trips to the CrossFit Games. 

Age 65-Plus


Patricia McGill – 5 points

Denise Moore – 28 points

Diana Flynn – 46 points

Sixty-five-year-old McGill won with two first-place finishes and a third on the three workouts. She is a four-time Games athlete in the Masters division, with two second-place finishes and two third-place finishes. 


Calvin Cherrington – 32 points

Gianluca Carretta – 35 points

Freddie Cherry – 36 points

Sixty-seven-year-old Cherrington won 24.2. He won the Games in this age group in 2022. He is a four-time Games athlete. 

Age 70-Plus (unofficial division)

The Masters Games by Legends announced that they will be testing out a new 70-plus age group this season. These are your top three athletes on the Open leaderboard in the 65-plus age group who are over 70 years old. 


Pam Salazar

Kirsten Frederiksen

Marilou Seiff


Thomas Ackerman

Clarke Holland

Greg Shambrook

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