2024 Sampson Showdown Pro Wellness Show Preview

Las Vegas, NV, will host the 2024 Sampson Showdown Pro Wellness division show on Saturday, March 23, 2024. 12 IFBB Pro League competitors will compete in this edition for a victory as well as a qualification to compete in the 2024 Wellness Olympia, a part of the 60th Olympia Weekend, which will also be in Las Vegas on Oct. 10-13, 2024.

Sampson Showdown Pro Roster

The 2023 winner of this contest was Alexis Adams. She will not attempt a title defense in 2024. The athletes who will compete are listed below in alphabetical order, courtesy of the IFBB Pro League website:

Brooke Hazard (United States)

Haley Johnson (United States)

Wendy Milhorn (United States)

Kali Nakvinda (United States)

Cassandra Pennington (United States)

Yadira Rosado (United States)

Alicia Self (Australia)

Bruna Seredich (United States)

Tammy Sievers (United States)

Janny Smith (United States)

Alisa Sturkie (United States)

Natalia Vasco (United States)

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Haley Johnson

Georgia native Haley Johnson finished second to Adams in the 2023 contest. She was also seventh in the 2023 Charlotte Pro.

This will be Johnson’s first appearance of the 2024 season; her third year competing in the pro ranks. With nearly a year to prepare for a return to the stage, she could show improvements in her lower body as well as more confidence

Tammy Sievers

Masters athlete Tammy Sievers was the third-place finisher in this contest in 2023. She won the Masters Over 35 and Masters Over 40 divisions. Sievers will also compete in those divisions in the 2024 edition of the show.

Sievers’ most recent show was the 2023 Legion Sports Fest Pro, where she finished third in the Masters Over 40 category and 16th in the Open.

Bruna Seredich

Bruna Seredich has been on the Olympia stage twice. She ranked eighth in 2021 and tenth at the 2022 Wellness Olympia, also held in Las Vegas. She took the entire 2023 season off.

This will be Seredich’s 2024 season debut. She’s expected to reveal the best version of her physique yet. There is a good chance she will be in the first callout at this event.

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