Build Massive Arms Like Men’s Open Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada

On March 19, 2024, Men’s Open bodybuilder Hunter Labrada published a video on his YouTube channel showcasing his arm workout at the newly opened House of Gainz gym in Austin, TX. 

This off-season is the first time I’ve ever allowed myself to take two days off in a row since I started training at 14 years old.

The four-day training split has led to significant muscle gains for him, courtesy of the increased rest and recovery time.

Hunter Labrada’s Arm Workout

Here is a summary of Labrada’s training session:

Single-Arm Preacher Curl

Single-Arm Cross-Body Cable Triceps Extension

Dual Low Pulley Cable Curl

Overhead Cable Triceps Extension 

Check out the video below:

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Preacher Curls & Cross-Body Triceps Extensions

Labrada opened with standing one-arm preacher curls. He employed forced reps while working with a training partner to push past mechanical failure

The 31-year-old Labrada moved to unilateral cross-body cable extensions to bias the triceps. Labrada connected a D-handle to the cable pulley set at the highest setting. He positioned himself sideways to the pulley, grabbed the handle with his far hand using a neutral grip, and fully extended the elbow on concentrics.

Alternating between biceps and triceps exercises promotes balanced muscle and strength development. Performing antagonistic sets boosts workout efficiency by allowing one muscle group to rest while the other works.

Dual Low Pulley Cable Curl

Labrada used a functional trainer, setting the cable pulleys to the lowest setting. He grabbed D-handle attachments with a supinated grip and took a step forward to get into the starting position.

Keeping his upper arms tight to the sides, Labrada flexed the elbows until his forearms broke parallel. Labrada maintained an upright torso throughout the exercise to prevent momentum and ensure the biceps moved the weight.

Overhead Cable Tricep Extension 

Labrada positioned the pulley at head height and grabbed the cambered bar with a narrow overhand grip. He kept his torso at 45 degrees and his upper arms parallel. The Texas native flexed his elbows to achieve a deep triceps stretch.

Looking Forward

Labrada placed eighth at the 2020 Mr. Olympia. He climbed to fourth in 2021, dropped to seventh in 2022, and landed sixth in 2023. Labrada must win an IFBB pro show during the 2024 qualifying season to punch his ticket to the 2024 Mr. Olympia, scheduled for Oct. 10-13 in Las Vegas, NV.

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