Is Tia Toomey’s PRVN The Best Crossfit Gym? (full tour)

PRVN’s state-of-the-art facility is designed to cater to your fitness and recovery needs. As you step through the entrance, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee invites you into a space where health and community converge.

Half of this area is dedicated to a comprehensive recovery space, affiliating with leading companies to offer cutting-edge services. The adjacent area will feature McCoy Medical, enhancing our commitment to your well-being beyond just physical fitness.

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Venturing further, you will discover the heart of our community—the Legends Lounge. This is where triumphs are shared and friendships forged.

The lounge flows seamlessly into an expansive affiliate space boasting top-tier, meticulously selected gym equipment. The design encourages both rigorous training and social interaction, creating an environment where every visit enriches your life not only physically but also socially.

Key Takeaways

A welcoming coffee shop greets members at the entrance, alongside a dedicated recovery zone with medical services.

The Legends Lounge fosters a strong community spirit, intertwined with an expansive, well-equipped affiliate gym space.

Meticulous attention to design and equipment selection ensures an environment that supports peak performance and social engagement.

Entry Space Featuring Coffee Shop

Upon entering the facility, visitors are greeted by a future coffee shop, destined to be a central feature of the community space. This area aims not only to serve refreshments but also to act as a nexus for social interaction and relaxation.

Amenities Overview:

Coffee shop with beverages and space for socializing

Divided space for recovery and medical services, including:

SAA Companies: Partnerships to enhance post-workout recovery

McCoy Medical: Onsite medical consultations and services

Facility Specs:

The total area of the building: 22,000 square feet

Pro space for equipment and workouts: approximately 9,000 square feet

Excluded space for offices: 4,000 square feet

Community and Comfort:

Lounge area with custom furniture for a hangout zone

Television with multimedia capabilities

Designed to encourage community interaction and forge stronger bonds

Equipment Inventory:

Concept 2 Machines:

Rowers, Ski Ergs, and Bike Ergs: 20 of each

Echo Bikes: Matching quantity to Concept 2 machines

Rogue Echo Bikes: 20 units

Assault Runners: Six high-quality treadmills

Two types of rigs:

Six Bay Rogue Rig: For standard class use

Seven Bay Rogue Proven Rig: For a larger class capacity or focused training

Interior Design Highlights:

Dynamic lighting solutions

Visual elements referencing Nashville’s skyline

Designated spaces for meetings, workshops, and affiliate discussions

Operational Spaces:

Office for coaches: facilitation of coaching, programming, and media

Podcasting room and content creation area for consistent online presence

This space embodies a vision of not only a state-of-the-art gym but also a hub for the community to connect and thrive.

Recovery Space Partnerships

The gym has embarked on a venture to enhance its wellness offerings by creating a dedicated recovery space. Collaborations with esteemed companies specializing in recovery are underway to equip the facility with state-of-the-art apparatus and services.

Partnerships and Offerings:

SAA Companies: Teaming up with leading brands in recovery technology to provide members with advanced recuperative options.

McCoy Medical: Integration of McCoy Medical’s expertise will fortify the gym’s recovery zone.

Facility Development:

Designated Area: The gym allocates a portion of the premises specifically for recovery technologies and services.

Enhanced Member Experience: Placing equal emphasis on recovery as well as physical training, improving overall member satisfaction.

Anticipated Impact:

Wellness Focus: By including a recovery space, the gym demonstrates a commitment to holistic health, emphasizing the importance of rest and rehabilitation alongside rigorous exercise routines.

Community Enhancement: The addition aims to foster a more tightly-knit community, as the space invites members to linger, socialize, and develop deeper connections.

McCoy Medical Presence

McCoy Medical will soon grace our space, broadening our comprehensive fitness facility with a vital wellness dimension. This innovative health initiative will cater to recovery needs vital for a sustainable and superior athletic lifestyle.

Facility Overview:

Recovery Space: Integration with leading SAA companies for cutting-edge recovery solutions.

McCoy Medical Services: A dedicated section within the facility to offer specialized medical services.

Key Offerings:

Holistic Approach: Emphasis on recovery and medical services, complementing the core fitness offerings.

Community Support: Facilities designed not just for training but for fostering community bonds and wellness.

Strategic Location: Positioned conveniently to welcome members from Nashville and beyond, augmenting the gym’s accessibility.

Member Experience Enhancements:

Health and Recovery Focus: Medical services within a stone’s throw from where members train.

Sophisticated Equipment: Utilization of state-of-the-art wellness apparatus to optimize recovery periods.

Integration with Lifestyle: Seamless melding of fitness and health regimes for a cohesive lifestyle enhancement.

Legends Lounge and Community

The Legends Lounge is a central hub for community engagement, designed to foster interactions and create a sociable atmosphere. Conceived to extend beyond just a gym, the lounge offers a place to unwind, socialize, and build connections.

The affiliate space, spanning approximately 9,000 square feet out of the total 22,000 square feet of the facility, is crafted with thoughtful amenities aimed at enhancing the member experience.

Entrance: A welcoming area to be complemented with a coffee shop, setting the tone for a communal vibe.

Recovery Space: Partnerships with various companies will provide state-of-the-art recovery solutions, contributing to an all-encompassing fitness experience.

Affiliate Leather Lounge: Custom furniture is coming to create a hangout zone, equipped with a TV for relaxation and social interaction, promoting the community spirit.

Members can look forward to an impressive array of equipment that supports diverse workout preferences:

Concept2 Machines:

Rows: 20

Ski Ergs: 20

Bike Ergs: 20

Echo Bikes: 20 units to match the Concept2 equipment

Rogue Woodway Runners: 6 of these advanced treadmill units


Two large rigs within the gym.

One 14 squat bay rig, labeled as the “Proven Rig.”

One 12 bay rig, referred to as the “Rogue Rig.”

These rigs play a significant role in the facility’s class structure, denoting specific zones and equipment for diverse training sessions.

In line with establishing a strong community presence, the office space serves as a creative brainstorming zone with remarkable light fixtures, reminiscent of its history as a wine cellar. This space importantly functions to facilitate team meetings, workshops, and affiliate discussions.

Accessibility to Central Nashville: Just a 9-minute Uber ride to the heart of Nashville, attracting drop-ins and travelers looking to experience the community.

Media and Coaching Offices: Spaces dedicated to producing content and supporting the coaching staff are integral for maintaining the brand’s online and offline presence.

Affiliate Space Overview

The gym affiliate boasts an extensive area dedicated to enhancing athletes’ training and recovery experiences. Spread across 22,000 square feet, this state-of-the-art facility dedicates approximately 9,000 square feet to its fitness space, not including a separate 4,000 square feet designated for office use.

Entrance and Amenities:

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with plans for a future coffee shop, intended to fuel workouts and foster community. Adjacent to this space is a planned recovery area where partnerships with leading recovery and medical brands, including McCoy Medical, will offer cutting-edge services.

Community and Lounge Space:

There’s a strong emphasis on creating a welcoming community vibe. Drawing inspiration from international fitness communities, the affiliate features a lounge area for social interaction, enabling members to connect and build relationships beyond their training sessions.

Equipment and Facilities:

Concept 2 Machines:

Rowers: 20

SkiErgs: 20

BikeErgs: 20

Rogue Echo Bikes: 20 units

Assault Runners: 6 high-end treadmills

The gym is also outfitted with two extensive rigs, offering 12 and 14 squat bays, respectively. This allows for a variety of group classes, emphasizing different training styles and programs.

Gym Equipment Rundown

Concept2 Machines

Total: 20 units each of Rowers, SkiErgs, BikeErgs

Location: Mixed distribution between the Pro space and affiliate area

Use Case: These machines are crucial for both individual workouts and group classes, providing versatility for a full-body workout.

Echo Bikes

Total: 20 units

Matching: Quantity equivalent to the Concept2 machines

Intensity: Known for their robust build and intense workout, providing resistance that scales with the rider’s effort.

Rogue Woodway Runners

Total: 6 units

Design: These treadmills resemble a sled push and are intense on the hamstrings.

Experience: Users can expect a different feel from these runners. They simulate outdoor running conditions and offer high resistance for strength building.

Rig Configurations

Rogue Rig


2 separate rigs

Rogue Rig: 12 Bays

Proven Rig: 14 squat Bays


The Rogue Rig is predominantly used for classes.

The Proven Rig has a label on top indicating its name.


Rogue Woodway Runners: Intense hamstring workouts, feels like sled pushes.

Proven Rig

Affiliate Space:

Size: Approximately 9,000 square feet out of a total 22,000 square feet facility.

Design: Intended to foster a community vibe with lounge areas for socializing.


Concept 2 Machines: 20 Rowers, 20 Ski Ergs, 20 Bike Ergs.

Echo Bikes: Matching the amount of Concept 2 machines.

Runners: Six high-end Rogue Woodway Runners.

Community and Media:

Office Space: For team meetings, broadcasting workshops, and affiliate talks.

Podcasting Room: For online media content production and weekly video updates.


The facility is a short, nine-minute Uber ride from Central Nashville. This makes it easily accessible for local members and visiting CrossFit enthusiasts.

Interior Design Elements

The gym’s entrance immediately sets the tone with plans for a welcoming coffee shop. Beyond that, a division creates a harmonious balance between a high-end recovery space and engaging workout areas. Collaborations with recovery and medical entities assure an enhanced wellness experience.

Layout and Utility:

Affiliate Area: Spans roughly 9,000 square feet of the gym. The affiliate area creates a substantial workout environment.

Community Focus:

Hangout Zone: Custom furniture and entertainment amenities are oriented towards community building. This emulates a European and Australian gym culture that prioritizes social interaction.

Equipment and Facilities:

Concept 2 Machines: A fleet of rowers, ski ergs, and bike ergs totals 60.

Rogue Echo bikes: Equally, 20 units ensure equipment availability.

Treadmill Options: Six high-end Rogue Woodway Treadmills replicate intense sled push experiences.

Innovation in Rigs:

Rig Configuration: Two major rigs featuring 12 and 14 squat bays respectively. These are branded as Rogue and Proven for class differentiation.

Design Aesthetics:

An office space transformed from a wine conference room mesmerizes with Spectacular Lighting. Unique fixtures reminiscent of a high-end aesthetic.

Wall Art: The Nashville skyline adds a local touch, contributing to the gym’s stylish ambiance.

Space Use:

Meeting Rooms: Serve multipurpose gatherings from team strategizing to affiliate engagements. They have functional extravagance due to expansive layouts and intricate lighting.

Visual Strategy:

Attention to spatial design allows for a comprehensive view of gym activities from the meeting area. This enhances the feeling of connectedness.

Office Space for Creativity

The architectural concept actively promotes a seamless blend of fitness and community. It places a strong emphasis on creating areas that foster social interaction alongside physical training. At the heart of the facility, a planned coffee shop sets the stage for informal gatherings and fuels a warm, welcoming atmosphere right from the entrance.

Functionality & Equipment Allocation

Recovery Zone: A dedicated space partnered with SA companies enhances the post-workout experience.

McCoy Medical: Integration of advanced medical facilities for comprehensive wellness solutions.

The dynamic use of the zone elevates the user experience by providing a distinct area for recuperation, an essential component of a balanced fitness regime.

Community & Co-Working Spaces

Affiliate Space: Over 9,000 sq ft allotted for community engagement, subtracting 4,000 sq ft for office spaces.

Design Elements: A combination of custom furniture and entertainment options to create a relaxed lounge area conducive to social connections.

By introducing a hangout zone, the aim is to cultivate a community vibe where members can socialize. This fosters stronger ties within the gym’s community.

Advanced Equipment and Facilities

Concept 2 Machines

Rowers, SkiErgs, and BikeErgs: A total of 20 each, essential for varied cardiovascular workouts.

Echo Bikes: Matching quantity with the Concept 2 range for consistent availability.

Rogue Rig & Proven Rig

Incorporating two main rigs with multiple stations for squatting and lifting to accommodate concurrent usage during classes.

Training Zones

Runners: Six state-of-the-art Woodway Treadmills, designed to simulate sled push and create an intense lower body workout.

Emphasizing on space utility, the equipment layout supports a fluid transition between exercise modalities. This enables members to maximize their workout efficacy in the affiliate space.

Office Space Design & Multipurpose Use

Strategically positioned office spaces bask in natural light. Previously, it was configured as a conference room in its former incarnation as a wine cellar. It now serves as an essential nerve center for team meetings, workshops, and affiliate discussions.


Interior Aesthetic: Enhanced by unique light fixtures contributing to a lively and engaging workspace.

Viewing Angle: Office spaces allow for an overview of the gym floor. This facilitates management and engagement with members from a distance.

The deliberate design choices not only cater to functionality but also enrich the overall aesthetic of the workspace. This reinforces the blend of professionalism within a fitness-oriented environment.

Podcasting and Media Production Area

The Podcasting and Media Production space is integral to both our online and offline brand presence. It serves as an essential tool for content creation. This dedicated area, set within our expansive facility, is where the magic of connecting with our community unfolds.

Office and Media Suite Features:

Design: The office was elegantly crafted with light fixtures reminiscent of a conference room from its previous life as a wine seller. Now, it hosts our coaches and creative team.

Functionality: It is configured for team meetings, broadcasting workshops, and affiliate talks.

Visibility: Large windows offer an overseeing view of the gym floor. This allows for a broad gaze over ongoing activities while providing the perfect backdrop for inspiring productive discussions.

Podcasting Room:

Soundproofing: Ensures quality audio production for podcasts, weekly videos, and other media content.

Versatility: The room accommodates various media projects, from podcasting to video editing. It fosters a creative environment for our team members to thrive.

Community Interaction:

Hangout Zone: Custom furniture in the works to cultivate a community-centric lounge area.

Visibility and Involvement: The open design facilitates member engagement. It allows conversations and relationships to flourish post-class.


Technology: The room is equipped with the necessary tools for quality recording and streaming. This supports our online content distribution.

Accessibility: The equipment is positioned strategically to provide easy access for coaches and team members. This enables seamless media production.


Located a mere nine minutes from Central Nashville, it’s not only accessible for local members but also a potential hotspot for visiting CrossFit enthusiasts.


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