Pvolve Nears 50 Franchise Agreements Amid Quick Growth

The Jennifer Aniston-affiliated functional fitness brand has been growing at breakneck speed since entering the brick-and-mortar franchise space

Pvolve has charted a course for sunny Florida following its latest franchise deal, which will introduce the fitness brand to South Tampa before expanding its footprint in the Tampa Bay area with five additional locations.

The functional fitness franchise that counts A-lister Jennifer Aniston as face of the brand continues to grow, with 47 locations sold and nine open locations as of next week, six of which are franchised studios. Just one year ago, Pvolve opened its first franchise studio in San Diego.

The fitness concept has been a hit, partly propelled by Aniston’s championing its method that combines functional movement and resistance equipment. Pvolve’s approach has shown impressive benefits in hip function and lower body strength, as well as full-body flexibility, balance, mobility and stability for women aged 40 and above.

Franchisees Flock to Pvolve

Counting Aniston among its most fervent fitness fans has meant more than just attracting new fitness enthusiasts to Pvolve. After the former “Friends” star signed on as the famous face of Pvolve’s marketing campaign and joined its programming team, the functional fitness brand hit a 650% increase in branded search and a 125% increase in franchise inquiries. 

Aniston has stared in Pvolve ad campaigns and is a prominent face of the brand (credit: Pvolve)

Impressed by the power of the functional fitness franchise, Tampa Bay resident Bijal Patel is behind the upcoming South Tampa Pvolve location.

“There is nothing quite like it here,” said Patel, ready for the next chapter following a decade practicing law.  “My hope is that the Pvolve studio can serve as a community for individuals in the area who, like me, want to build strength, tone and change their bodies through functional movement with effective, low-impact and high-intensity workouts.”

In addition to its in-studio experience, Pvolve members can tap into its hybrid fitness model, which offers a streaming membership that unlocks access to over 1,300 on-demand classes, a two-way, live virtual studio, and targeted series.

Julie Cartwright, Pvolve president, remarked that the brand’s first studio in the Florida market is an exciting milestone, with Patel playing an “integral role” in developing the Pvolve footprint in the Sunshine State.

On the other side of the country, the boutique fitness brand is set to make its mark in Spokane, Washington, following its growth in New York City, Austin Nashville, Tennessee and Canada.

credit: Pvolve

Following an exceptional 2023, Pvolve recently bolstered its all-female leadership team in preparation for continued expansion, onboarding Stacey Heald as chief operating officer of franchise development and former Oura executive Alexis McDowel as global vice president of communications. 

Boutique Brands Find Success With Celebs

As Pvolve has found, syncing up with a famous face can be lucrative — and it’s a strategy other top fitness brands appear to be following. 

Functional fitness franchise F45 Training has attracted Mark Wahlberg as an investor and chief brand officer, with the “Arthur the King” actor recently investing in his own Boston-area F45 studios.

Boutique fitness and wellness franchisor Xponential Fitness has also added a dose of star power with Julianne Hough. The “Dancing with the Stars” celeb is helping transform some of Xponential’s AKT studios into Kinrgy dance fitness locations. Kinrgy just opened its first location in West Hollywood. Other locations are in the works for Austin and Seattle.

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