Denise Herber (75KG) Raw Deadlifts 290 Kilograms in Prep for the 2024 WRPF Ghost Clash 3

German powerlifter Denise Herber is well known as a big deadlifter. She has crept closer to the all-time world record in the 75KG class and appears on the cusp of finally taking it. 

After recovering from injury in 2023, Herber has been improving steadily, especially on deadlifts. On March 19, 2024, she shared a video of a huge 290-kilogram raw deadlift personal record on her Instagram page. Check it out below:

Herber famously deadlifts beltless, which is unusual for a powerlifter who pulls with a conventional stance. She uses no supportive equipment to perform her colossal deadlifts.

In the video, Herber employs a mixed grip, first securing the right (over) hand and then ensuring her grip on the barbell with her left. Herber seemed to struggle to get the weight to break from the floor, but once it did, it traveled smoothly to lockout with only a slight pause at the top.

The all-time world record deadlift in the 75KG class is Brianny Terry’s 291-kilogram pull from The American Pro 2 in October 2023 as part of a three-way battle with Herber and Kristy Hawkins. Hawkins won decisively that day, as she often does, being the highest-ranked raw powerlifter in the world on the DOTS formula.

Herber attempted 291 kilograms at The American Pro 2, but it was a bit too heavy, leaving the record for Terry. Samantha Rice matched it in the 82.5KG class in the same contest.

Still, the 280-kilogram deadlift Herber hit on her second pull was a competition PR, up 7.5 kilograms from her performance at the ABS Pro 2 in Ireland two months prior.

Herber is preparing to compete at the 2024 WRPF Ghost Clash 3 in Miami, FL, on April 6-7, 2024. This time, Terry will compete in the 82.5KG class, but you can be sure that they will have their eyes on the prize of the biggest raw deadlift in the world. 

Featured image: @deniseherber_

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