Olympia Champions Chris Bumstead and Ryan Terry Train Shoulders Together

The reigning Men’s Physique Olympia champion Ryan Terry joined the five-time reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead for an off-season shoulder workout. The training session was captured on camera and comprised the following:

Terry and Bumstead’s Off-Season Shoulder Workout

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Machine Shoulder Press

Machine Reverse Flyes

Dumbbell Front Raises

Check out the session below, courtesy of Terry’s YouTube channel:

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Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises

Bumstead favors the eight-to-12 rep range. He performed one-second holds in the fully shortened position and a controlled four-second eccentric to promote hypertrophy. (1)

Terry shifted his training approach in the 2023 off-season, prioritizing controlled movements with lighter weights instead of lifting super heavy. The transition enabled him to gain six pounds of lean muscle mass and significantly improved his back development, helping him clinch his first Men’s Physique Olympia title in 2023. 

Machine Shoulder Press

Bumstead and Terry used an iso-lateral machine. They used two 45-pound weight plates on each side for the first set and progressed to four plates on the remaining two sets. The duo performed a double drop set on the final set to failure.

Bumstead employed slow negatives and paused in the fully stretched position at the bottom to increase the shoulders’ time under tension (TUT). However, fatigue forced him to accelerate the rep cadence toward the end of the set. 

Machine Reverse Flyes & Dumbbell Front Raises

Terry and Bumstead used an incline bench machine for the reverse flyes. The bent-over position limits the possibility of momentum to better isolate the posterior deltoids. 

The duo concluded their workout with dumbbell front raises to bias the anterior delts. The Olympia champs opened with alternating dumbbell front raises and ended with a complex of unilateral and alternating raises. 

As the reigning Olympia champions, Terry and Bumstead will attempt title defenses at the 2024 Olympia, scheduled for Oct. 10-13 in Las Vegas, NV. 


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Featured image: @cbum on Instagram

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