F45 Teams With Dr. B To Offer HSA/FSA Savings for Members

F45 members who work out to prevent or treat a medical condition may be eligible to pay for classes using pre-tax HSA/FSA funds

F45 Training, the Mark Wahlberg-backed functional fitness franchise, has partnered with New York-based telehealth platform Dr. B so its members can access their Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Savings Accounts (FSA) to pay for classes. 

Current F45 members with HSA or FSA accounts who work out to prevent or treat a medical condition can consult with Dr. B to see if they qualify. Members who do will receive a letter of medical necessity, which can be submitted to their HSA or FSA administrator, along with their F45 monthly member receipts, for reimbursement.

“Regular cardiovascular and strength exercise is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said Tom Dowd, CEO of F45. “As a leader in functional fitness, F45 aims to make exercise accessible and approachable to all. By partnering with Dr. B, we will be able to deliver our award-winning group fitness to even more members.”

Fitness Brands Embrace HSA/FSA Funding

Cyrus Massoumi, founder and CEO of Dr. B, is an F45 member – and says he’s thrilled over the partnership’s ability to make exercise a more affordable and accessible care option.

“It’s about time we make the process of prioritizing health through fitness less of a hassle,” said Massoumi, who also founded Zocdoc, a telehealth service to find and book medical and dental care appointments. “Our partnership will do just that, helping many people prevent or treat their condition with the support of F45’s stellar team.”

In addition to F45, the telehealth platform recently partnered with SoulCycle and FlexIt last month to launch a new service allowing fitness enthusiasts to use HSA/FSA funds for gym memberships and fitness app fees in as little as three hours.

credit: Dr. B

The New-Look F45

F45’s latest collaboration follows several initiatives the functional fitness franchise has unveiled under the leadership of Dowd, who has been committed to reenergizing the brand and positioning it for long-term success after taking the reins one year ago.

After voluntarily delisting from the New York Stock Exchange last summer, F45 has made strides to improve, including a revamped website, improved digital presence, branded merchandise, tech partnerships and a renewed reliance on the star power of Wahlberg, who is more than just a famous face of the brand and investor, but chief brand officer and an F45 franchise owner.

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