A Guide to the 2024 CrossFit Quarterfinals

As the dust settles from the 2024 CrossFit Open, athletes and fans alike turn their attention to the next hurdle in the CrossFit Games season—the 2024 CrossFit Quarterfinals. 

Key Updates and Important Dates

For Individual And Age Group Athletes

The Quarterfinals timeline for individual competitors is as follows:

Registration Opens: Monday, April 1.

Registration Closes: Saturday, April 20, 5 p.m. PT.

Workouts Released: Wednesday, April 17, 12:00 p.m. PT.

Submission Windows: April 17-20 and April 20-22, with the leaderboard finalized by April 29.

* This year, the Age Group Quarterfinals will happen at the same time as individuals.

For Teams

Team competitors have a slightly different schedule:

Registration Opens: Monday, April 1.

Registration Closes: Saturday, April 6, 5 p.m. PT.

Workouts Released: Wednesday, April 3, 12:00 p.m. PT.

Submission Windows: April 3-6 and April 6-8, with the leaderboard finalized by April 15.

What We Know About the Workouts, so far

Dave Castro recently shed light on the composition of the workouts, revealing that competitors should prepare for “four” distinct workouts.

But, he hinted at the potential for at least one workout to have multiple scored parts, suggesting a strategic layer to how athletes approach each challenge.

Floor Plans Insights

A notable change this year pertains to the release of floor plans alongside the workouts. 

This approach deviates from previous years, where floor plans were available several days ahead of the workout descriptions. Such a change implies simpler floor configurations, alleviating some of the logistical burdens faced by affiliate owners and training camps in preparing their spaces. 

The simultaneous release aims to streamline the preparation process, ensuring that athletes and facilities can adapt quickly to the requirements of each workout.

Supporting Affiliates with Lesson Plans

In an innovative move, CrossFit plans to equip affiliate owners and coaches with lesson plans tailored to integrate the Quarterfinal workouts into regular class programming. 

This initiative reflects CrossFit’s commitment to inclusivity, making the Quarterfinal challenges accessible within the communal setting of affiliates. 

Expanded Qualification Pool

In a pivotal change, the top 25% of athletes from each region now qualify for the Quarterfinals, expanding from the previous 10%. 

This move has sparked both excitement and speculation within the CrossFit community, offering more athletes the opportunity to extend their competitive season. 

Here’s a glance at the number of qualifiers across regions:

Africa: 451 (Men) | 389 (Women)

Asia: 1558 (Men) | 768 (Women)

Europe: 8603 (Men) | 5968 (Women)

North America East: 5785 (Men) | 5753 (Women)

North America West: 3920 (Men) | 3728 (Women)

Oceania: 1125 (Men) | 1152 (Women)

South America: 1784 (Men) | 1568 (Women)

Athlete Preparation Guide

Checklist for Athletes

To compete, athletes must receive an invitation email from CrossFit HQ, pay the $50 registration fee, ensure they have a registered judge who has completed the 2024 Judges Course, and comply with video submission requirements.

How the Quarterfinals Work

This online event demands thorough preparation, including securing a judge, the necessary equipment, and understanding video requirements. Scores and videos for workouts are to be submitted within specific windows, with no leeway for late submissions.

Video Submission and Guidelines

Top athletes must have a registered judge and a valid video submission for each workout. CrossFit HQ retains the right to request videos from any competitor at any time, highlighting the importance of adhering to the guidelines to avoid disqualification.

Participation Across Divisions

Athletes are allowed to compete in multiple divisions, provided they adhere to specific regulations regarding team roster declaration and competition team roster eligibility.

They only need to pay once.

Qualifying for the Semifinals

The top 40 men and women and the top 30 teams from each region will advance to the Semifinals, maintaining a consistent qualification number across all regions.

Good luck to all athletes!


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