Bikini Bodybuilder Phoebe Hagan Will Take Off the Rest of the 2024 Season

In a surprise announcement three days after the 2024 Arnold Classic UK, the British IFBB Pro Bikini division bodybuilder Phoebe Hagan revealed she would take a break from competition for the remainder of the 2024 season. The decision effectively ends her pursuit for a third consecutive Olympia qualification.

In a video published on March 25, 2024, on her YouTube channel, Hagan cited a loss of love for the sport as the reason behind her decision after feeling burnt out from a demanding competitive season. A season off offers time for her body and mindset to recover. Check it out below:

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“I haven’t taken more than six months off stage in the last eight years,” Hagan said. “In the last year, I have fallen out of love with the sport, and I felt like it was more ‘I have to compete’ rather than ‘I actually want to compete.’ Right now, I need to find the love for the sport again.”

Although Hagan was satisfied with her improvement from the 2024 Bikini International US to the 2024 Bikini International UK, held roughly two weeks apart, she slipped from fifth place in the former to sixth in the latter.

The [muscle] pop, fullness, and roundness I brought to the Arnold Classic UK was exactly what I wanted to bring.

Hagan received the judges’ feedback and intends to work toward those improvements during her time off. 

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Prioritizing Rest and Recovery

“Post [bodybuilding] show, I feel it is very important to take your time to rest and recover,” said Hagan. “It’s so easy to return to hardcore training and put your body under a lot more stress.”

Hagan is using a macro-based reverse dieting plan to kickstart her recovery. This approach involves gradually increasing calorie intake to help the metabolism recover from the restrictions of pre-competition dieting. (1)

I haven’t trained or done cardio after the Arnold Classic UK.

After limiting herself to low-intensity cardio, like walking, for three days after the show, Hagan pays close attention to her body’s signals as she gradually eases into a structured resistance training routine.

Phoebe Hagan’s Competitive History

According to NPC New Online, Hagan has competed in the following shows:

2024 Bikini International UK — Sixth place

2024 Bikini International US — Fifth place

2023 Bikini Olympia — 11th place

2023 Hurricane Pro — Sixth place

2022 Bikini Olympia — Seventh place

2022 Battle of Texas Pro — First place

2022 Bikini International — Ninth place

2021 Iron Games Pro — Fourth place

2021 Sacramento Pro — Sixth place

2021 Legion Sports Fest Pro — Second place

2021 Bikini International UK — First place

2020 British Grand Prix — Second place

2020 Europa Pro Championships — Fourth place

2019 Tampa Pro — Eighth place

2019 Vancouver Pro — Sixth place

2019 Pro Miami Muscle — Fifth place

2019 Toronto Pro — Sixth place

2019 Puerto Rico Pro — Sixth place

2019 Bigman Weekend Pro — Second place

2018 Kai Greene Classic — Fourth place

2018 Romania Muscle Fest Pro — Fifth place

2018 Veronica Gallego Classic — Second place

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Featured image: @phoebehagan_ on Instagram

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