Alphabeats Eyes US Wellness Market With ‘Flow State’ Wearable

The mind-training EEG headband uses music to help athletes and general wellness enthusiasts enter a ‘flow state’ to improve performance

Emerging from stealth mode and ahead of its upcoming neurotech wearable launch in the U.S., Netherlands-based Alphabeats has appointed two former Spotify executives, Jorrit DeVries and Jen McGinnis, as it eyes the American wellness and performance training market.

DeVries will serve as Alphabeats’ chief commercial officer, bringing years of leadership experience from his time at Spotify, Samsung, Vodafone and Warner Music. McGinnis, who has an extensive background from previous roles at Spotify, Snap, Apple and AT&T, will join DeVries as EVP of growth. 

Alphabeats uses music to help wearers enter a “flow state,” which can be beneficial for creativity, recovery, deep focus, improved reaction time and motor coordination. Although developed for professional athletes, Alphabeats is suitable for anyone looking to level up their training and wellness regimen with neurofeedback to train the mind.

After subscribing to the Alphabeats website, users are mailed a BrainBit EEG (electroencephalogram) headband and receive an email explaining how to get started with the app. Aside from the EEG headband, users need a smartphone, a headset or earbuds and an internet connection.

Alphabeats users embark on a training plan with 10-30 minute sessions and are provided real-time information on their alpha brain wave activity within the app. Keeping the experience fluid and personalized, users will experience changes to their soundtrack that correspond with their shifting waves. 

The app also features neuro visualization and offers cognitive games to refine reaction time and improve strategy skills. With consistent training, Alphabeats users learn how to consciously increase their alpha wave activity to slip into an optimal state when desired — such as on the court or the field, the company says.

Ahead of its stateside debut, Alphabeats completed an extended seed round backed by DeepTech XL and Lumo Labs and was recognized as the CES Innovation Award winner in 2023. 

credit: Alphabeats

Han Dirkx, Alphabeats co-founder and CEO, noted that bolstering the startup’s executive team with experienced leaders comes at a crucial time.

“Jorrit’s leadership in our commercial strategy, complemented by Jen’s expertise, marks an important moment for Alphabeats as we gear up for our U.S. product launch,” Dirkx said. “Their combined experience will greatly benefit our mission to support athletes in surpassing their performance boundaries with our scientifically-backed training methods.”

Jorrit DeVries (l) and Jen McGinnis (credit: Alphabeats)

Combatting Mental Stress With Wearables

Dirkx is encouraged by what Alphabeats can provide to the U.S. athlete and wellness market with its upcoming product launch.

“When it comes to the U.S. approach to wellness, like most of the Western world, there’s a notable gap in addressing the importance of mental training and the mental strain of competitive sports,” he told Athletech News, adding that the World Health Organization points to chronic stress as the most significant health challenge. 

“This concern only intensifies in the high-pressure realms of professional athletics,” he continued. “Our technology addresses this challenge. We are focused on athletes who are on a quest to achieve peak performance. By integrating our solutions, we aim not just to enhance athletic performance but to pioneer a holistic approach to wellness—one that equally prioritizes mental and physical fitness and recovery.”

Even though Alphabeats intends to serve more than just athletes, DeVries pointed out that the upcoming 2026 World Cup and 2028 Olympics, both of which will be held in the U.S., put a spotlight on the American sports world, providing the perfect opportunity for Alphabeats to make its debut.

“Launching here underlines our vision to impact professional sports at a global scale, introducing Alphabeats as an essential tool for elite athletes,” he said. “Our unique blend of neurofeedback and music empowers them to sharpen their mental edge and perform at the highest levels.”

Ahead of its upcoming launch, Alphabeats currently has a waitlist for pre-orders. A pricing structure for the BrainBit EEG headband and app has yet to be announced.

The Sound of Wellness 

The convergence of music, wellness and technology has emerged as a promising area for startups.

Earlier this year, British startup MediMusic raised funds for its AI-powered music solution that creates personalized playlists to prompt a positive physiological and emotional response for patients. The startup also offers an AI-driven “Digital Drip” function that, when paired with an optional heart rate monitor, can return a patient’s heart rate back to an optimal pace.

Sound wellness company Endel has also broken ground in the music space, having partnered with Universal Music Group to generate wellness soundscapes for sleep, focus and meditation with the help of AI. 

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