Barre3 Taps Whoop To Drive Boutique Fitness Engagement

The Portland-based Barre franchise is encouraging its members to make use of Whoop’s sleep, recovery and stress management metrics

Boutique fitness franchise Barre3 is leaning into Whoop’s user-driven revelations that recovery, stress management and improved sleep quality are top-of-mind for wellness seekers.

Barre3 has partnered with the wearable tech company and is gifting its members a one-month free trial (or 10% off an annual or 24-month membership) to Whoop so they can dial into their health metrics. 

Sadie Lincoln, Barre3’s co-founder and CEO, said the partnership with Boston-based Whoop was a natural fit given the synergies between the boutique fitness brand and wearable tech company.

“While Whoop is revolutionizing how people understand their bodies, here at Barre3, we are revolutionizing how people approach fitness and wellness,” Lincoln tells ATN.

Sadie Lincoln (Credit: Jenn Byrne Creative)

Now in its sixteenth year of operation, Barre3 acquired Midwest company The Barre Code late last year – a move that increased its global footprint to 185-plus studios. 

Boutique Fitness x Wearable Tech

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Barre3 also relaunched its 21 Days To Better Sleep Program through a three-week complimentary trial so users can access its 1,200-plus on-demand workouts. Pairing seamlessly with the Whoop wearable, users can track sleep patterns and health metrics during Barr3’s classes. 

“We practice a conscious approach to our partnerships, and with Whoop, we love that their products measure metrics scientifically proven to make a significant impact on both physical and mental health,” Lincoln says. “Whoop offers the most powerful, most accurate, and most wearable human performance tools and truly supports mindfulness— which here at Barre3 is all about paying attention on purpose and without judgment.”

Lincoln says the combination of wearable tech tracking and Barre3’s classes — spanning intentional breathwork, stretching, meditation classes, and more — gives members a purposeful and holistic view of their unique wellness metrics. 

“For us, this is about empowerment for our Barre3 clients,” she explains. “Having access to their personal metrics helps empower clients to make better, more informed decisions that honor their own individual selves — purposeful data that helps enable choice.”

credit: Barre3

The Power of Data

Barre3 also recently introduced new class types, such as b3 Strength, b3 Cardio and b3 Mindful Flow. The fitness franchise leaned into Whoop’s data to help inform the design of the b3 Cardio class, as well as its comprehensive sleep and recovery programs.

“Understanding recovery, strain and sleep performance can help our clients connect to what class type – or rest! – may best meet their individual needs that day,” Lincoln says. “Personalized and purposeful metrics help support habits and overall wellness, and provide clients with a sense of agency.”

Whoop has proven to be more than just a low-profile wrist wearable. The Boston-based company, founded and led by Harvard grad Will Ahmed, has launched an AI-powered fitness coaching feature designed to provide users with personalized guidance using the same artificial intelligence tech powering ChatGPT.

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