REP Fitness Teams With PÉPIN to Release “FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell” That Ranges From 10 to 125 Pounds

How expansive a range can an adjustable dumbbell set go? Of course, the wider the range, the more space can be saved in a home gym, garage gym, or the like. On April 3, 2024, the fitness world received the latest evolution of adjustable dumbbells.

REP Fitness and PÉPIN partnered to release the “FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell,” which ranges from 10 to a staggering 125 pounds. Check out the promo video below from REP’s YouTube channel:

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The FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell sets are made of steel with “CNC-cut plates with a black powder coating,” according to REP Fitness’s website, the Colorado-based equipment company founded in 2012.

This new product is part of REP’s Inventor Series, a line of products they manufacture in partnership with various equipment inventors. “The goal is to simultaneously lift up other gym equipment inventors while making their amazing products more accessible to more people,” REP writes on their website. “It’s a win-win-win.”

Colorado-based REP Fitness was founded in 2012 by brothers Ryan and Shane McGrotty. They’re known for producing American-made, high-quality strength equipment, ranging from power racks to barbells, weight plates, and training benches. PÉPIN is based and Canada and is a small shop known only for their FAST series adjustable dumbbells. The fitness reviews site Garage Gym Reviews ranked the FAST dumbbells 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The design is purposefully compact without impacting the above-average weight range. REP also extensively dropped test the steel dumbbells to ensure durability, and the steel cradles ensure you won’t wear out your dumbell holsters over time. Each dumbbell is adjustable in 10-pound increments via magnetic pop-pins. Smaller increment plates weighing 2.5 pounds each are included.

FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell Features

Per REP Fitness, the Fast Series Adjustable Dumbbell Features include:

Nickel-plated handles with volcano-style knurling

Functional side rails with rounded outside edges

UMHW protective liners to prevent scratches from steel-on-steel contact

Laser-etched weight markings

Flat-bottom heads to prevent rolling on the ground

FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell Measurements

Cradle Length — 18.9″

85lb Dumbbell Length — 14.5″

105lb Dumbbell Length — 16.4″

125lb Dumbbell Length — 18.3″

Cradle Width — 5.3″

Height (Cradle With Dumbbell) — 7.2″

Height (Cradle Without Dumbbell) — 4.9″

Usable Handle Length — 4.9″

Handle Diameter — 34mm

Plate Diameter — 7.0″

Cradle Weight (When Empty) — 10.8 pounds

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FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell Pricing

The “FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell” has three versions currently available for pre-order on their website. The pricing is as follows:

Up to 85 Pounds — $899.99

Up to 105 Pounds — $1,099.99

Up to 125 Pounds — $1,299.99

Lighter dumbbell sets are upgradeable to heavier variations. Orders will ship starting on Sept. 3, 2024. Shipping is free.

Featured image: Courtesy of REP Fitness

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