Solidcore Founder Anne Mahlum Backs Herbal Medicine Brand Apothékary

Mahlum’s latest investment in fitness and wellness, Apothékary offers plant-based remedies that support a host of health benefits

Serial entrepreneur Anne Mahlum has invested $500,000 in herbal medicine brand Apothékary, a plant-powered and woman-owned business.

It’s the latest move by the philanthropist and founder of Solidcore and Back on My Feet, following prior investments in The Athletic Clubs, a New York-based fitness startup and Ice Barrel, a maker of ice bath tubs used for cold water therapy.

“Investing in Apothékary is not just a financial decision for me; it’s a commitment to supporting innovation and empowering entrepreneurs who are reshaping industries,” said Mahlum, who sold her entire stake in Solidcore last year for $84 million. “With this investment, I am excited to see how Apothékary will further expand its reach to drive positive change and promote healthier living.”

Personalized Herbal Remedies

The Virginia-based Apothékary offers clean, plant-based products that support sleep, digestion, energy, skin health, immunity, hormones, pre and post-natal phases and cognition. Shoppers can take a brief quiz to get personalized herbal recommendations to meet their wellness goals.

Apothékary blends include “The Honest Youth,” a blend of mushrooms, herbs and berries designed to restore skin, boost collagen and hydrate, and “Take the Edge Off,” a combination of combination of nervine herbs designed to calm stress and ease tension.

In addition to offering products with trendy functional mushrooms, the brand also sells wine alternatives for those who are ‘sober-curious’ or prefer a non-alcoholic lifestyle. Live classes covering a variety of wellness topics (and hosted by clinical herbalists) are also available.

Apothékary Eyes Retail Expansion, Partnerships

Shizu Okusa, Apothékary’s founder and CEO, said partnering with Mahlum was a “no-brainer” due to the Solidcore founder’s track record in wellness as well as the pair’s “long-standing personal relationship.”

Okusa told Athletech News that the investment will be utilized “to further propel Apothékary’s aggressive brand goals – all of which ladder back to general brand awareness and accessibility.”

“A few highlights for the year are new key national and global partnerships, retail expansion, funding clinical studies for our proprietary products and formulations, and expanding our team – we’re currently hiring for 8 roles,” Okusa said. “Additionally, we’re focused on developing personalized herbal medicine technology and a new format as we look to 2025.”

“This is just the beginning for Apothékary and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Anne on this journey with us,” she added.

Besides Mahlum, other Apothékary investors include Bonobos founder Andy Dunn and MuteSix founder Steve Weiss. 

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