The 10 Healthiest Cities in the US Based on Overall Wellness

Mindbody and ClassPass polled residents across the U.S. to see which cities lead the way when it comes to health and wellness 

Mindbody and ClassPass released their annual Wellness Index, unveiling the ten healthiest cities in the United States.

The survey, which polls residents in the nation’s most populous cities, takes a close look at people’s overall wellness habits and daily routines. Factors considered include sleeping habits, stress levels, alcohol consumption, family ties, spiritual fulfillment and more.

Athletech News breaks down the Mindbody + ClassPass rankings and spotlights some of the fitness and wellness brands to watch in each city.

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10. Detroit, Michigan

In Detroit, 75% of residents avoid smoking. Additionally, 71% of residents boast strong family ties, and 64% report spiritual fulfillment. 

Detroit has a thriving gym and boutique fitness scene, with one of the country’s biggest Crunch Fitness franchise owners to boutique yoga studios. 

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9. Denver, Colorado

An impressive 81% of Denver’s population engages in weekly exercise, supported by a sense of community. 

The North American headquarters of global power EGYM are based in Denver. The fit tech company makes machines and software that power gyms and studios across the globe.

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8. Chicago, Illinois

 In Chicago, 60% of its residents feel spiritually fulfilled and 68% regularly keep up with health checkups.

Established player Life Fitness is headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, outside of Chicago. Newer brands have emerged in the area too, like Ghost, a trend-first activewear and sports nutrition company. 

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7. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, California

85% of the tech hub’s residents exercise at least once a week, and nearly half enjoy a sober lifestyle. 

Major tech-forward players like Tonal, Strava, WeightWatchers and Future are based in the Bay Area, pushing innovation in the fitness and wellness space. 

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6. San Diego, California

San Diego boasts an 86% weekly exercise engagement rate, with 65% of residents exercising three times a week or more. San Diego residents also focus on nutrition, with 44% consuming 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. 

San Diego is becoming a prime area for new boutique fitness studios: Pvolve has targeted the city for new franchise locations. 

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5. Washington, DC

 In the nation’s capital, 62% of people work out three times a week or more. 85% also abstain from smoking. 

Fast-growing Pilates-inspired boutique fitness concept Solidcore was born in D.C. and has eight studios in the area.

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4. New York, NY

75% of New Yorkers are non-smokers, and 77% maintain close familial and friend relationships. 

Many major fitness and wellness companies are based in the City, including established players like Peloton as well as new boutique fitness concepts like Tone House and Vaura Pilates

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3. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Dallas-Fort Worth residents have a 77% non-smoking rate and 60% achieve 7-8 hours of sleep nightly. These Texans also have lower stress rates than residents of other major U.S. cities. 

Lumin Fitness, an interactive boutique studio that uses cutting-edge technology like AI to track progress and motivate members, is based in Dallas.

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2. Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Known for its sunny disposition, Miami boasts 46% of residents who report low or no stress. Also, 68% of South Floridians hydrate properly daily. 

The city is home to JetSet Pilates, a reformer Pilates concept that’s rapidly expanding across the country. It’s also home to the global headquarters of iconic dance fitness brand Zumba.

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1. Los Angeles, California

The healthiest city in America, Los Angeles has an 84% weekly exercise rate, aided by its weather and abundant outdoor activities. An impressive 81% of its residents are non-smokers, with 61% enjoying 7-8 hours of sleep. 

Goop, often associated with the LA health scene, is headquartered in Santa Monica. Barry’s, one of the OGs of boutique fitness, opened its first studio in West Hollywood.

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