2024 Charlotte Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview

IFBB Pro League promoter Johnny Stewart will present the 2024 Charlotte Pro in Charlotte, NC, on the weekend of Apr. 6-7, 2024. The show features five pro divisions: Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Wellness.

There are an estimated 100 competitors across all five divisions. The winners of all five shows qualify for the 2024 Olympia in Las Vegas, NV, on the weekend of Oct. 10-13, 2024.

2024 Charlotte Pro Bodybuilding Show Rosters

The rosters are below, with names in alphabetical order:

Classic Physique

Eric Abelon (United States)

Tomas Adame (United States)

Armando Aman (United States)

Brady Barnes (United States)

Rodrigo Coelho (Brazil)

Stephen Daniels (United States)

Jeshan Fernando (United States)

Alexander Galan (United States)

Lucas Gianinni (United States)

Barry Irving (United States)

Abner Logan (United States)

Jim Machak (United States)

Jake Phippen (United States)

Kenneth Richards (United States)

Lamar Shaw (United States)

Fabioni Sylvain (United States)

Jordan Tripp-Arthur (United States)

Robert Van Sant (United States)

James Yount (United States)

Men’s Physique

Dustin Alvis (United States)

Michael Augustino (United States)

George Brown (United States)

Creighton Clingan (United States)

Damon Davis (United States)

Chris Deja (United States)

Brad Estadt (United States)

Jamal Everette (United States)

Michael Ferguson (United States)

Joshua Goforth (United States)

Russell Gregory (United States)

Jorge Hernandez (United States)

Emanual Hunter (United States)

Xavier Jaime Canales (United States)

Hossein Karimi (Iran)

Jacques Lewis (United States)

Aristoteles Lima (Brazil)

Michael Mayers (United States)

Clarence McSpadden (United States)

Kirk Moore (United States)

John Murphy (United States)

Eze Onwurah (United States)

Stephen Pascal (United States)

Khali Quartey (United States)

Gerardo Reyna (Mexico)

Derrick Stevenson (United States)

Mofeed Titilope (United States)

Ranzino Valentine (United States)

Da’marchitzy White (United States)

Justin White (United States)

Travia Yow (United States)


Taco Barnes (United States)

Natasha Charles (United States)

Madison Dinges (United States)

Rosalyn Dudding (United States)

Maude Exantus (United States)

Amanda Houston (United States)

Jennifer Johnson (United States)

Ashley Kelsey (United States)

Tessa Metze (United States)

Francesca Mujica (United States)

Mary Nyarko Omale (Ghana)

Megan Sylvester-Cielan (United Kingdom)

Julia Waring (United States)

Ronshende Whittington (United States)

Katrina Williams (United States)


Maria Acosta (United States)

Gigi Amurao (United States)

Diana Arsenyeva (United States)

Maya Astabie (United States)

Kimberly Bonilla (United States)

Kristiana Brush (United States)

Tamekia Carter (United States)

Brittany Gillespie (United States)

Niccole Guggia (United States)

Ashley Hampton (United States)

Jessica Kosten (United States)

Jennifer Lau (United States)

Amanda Macey (United States)

Jessica Miller (United States)

Anya Nicholson (United States)

Kate Orara (United States)

Sharon Ramos (Dominican Republic)

Kristy Robbins (United States)

Marissa Ross (United States)

Angela Ruscili (United States)

Gina Sardina (United States)

Anastacia Spragans (United States)

Nicolette Stafford (United States)


Luz Abinuman (United States)

Leah Flack (United States)

Melitza Guerrero (United States)

Jamie McKenzie (United States)

Joann Norwood (United States)

Jasmine Payne (United States)

Ruth Rodriguez (United States)

Yadira Rosado (United States)

Bruna Seredich (United States)

Inez Sobczak (United States)

Jennifer Zollars (United States)

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Men’s Physique Athletes to Watch

Below are Men’s Physique competitors likely to reach first callout:

Emanual Hunter

Emanual Hunter’s 2023 season included a win at the 2023 Tri-City Classic and a fourth-place finish at the 2023 Men’s Physique Olympia. This will be his second attempt to win a show in 2024 and re-qualify for the 2024 edition of the Olympia.

Hunter ranked sixth at the 2024 Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH. The Men’s Physique lineup included 31 athletes, the largest on that side of the stage, and Hunter is considered the early favorite to win it by some experts.

George Brown

The most recent time fans saw George Brown was at the 2022 Men’s Physique Olympia, where he tied for 16th. He took the entire 2023 season off; this is his 2024 season debut.

The 10-year pro has won several shows in his career, including two New York Pro titles. Brown’s most recent win came at the 2022 Hurricane Pro.

Dustin Alves

Dustin Alves ranked fourth at the 2023 Charlotte Pro, won by Corey Morris. This will be Alves’ 2024 season debut. His most recent show was the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro, where he finished 11th overall.

Featured image: @emanual_31 on Instagram

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