Military vs Crossfitters: 5 Grueling Events Decide WHO’S FITTER

In a battle of the fittest, crossfitters Lauren Stallwood and Corinna Coffin went head-to-head against military athletes Callie E. Forbes and Killa Silla in a five-event fitness competition. 

The throwdown included:

High-Altitude Skydiving: A heart-pounding test of bravery, kicking off the competition with a 12,000-foot jump.

Strength Gauntlet: A three-part battle of power featuring deadlifts, pull-ups, and bench press.

Rope Climb: A race against time, demanding agility and upper body strength to conquer the rope.

Swim Relay: A 200-meter freestyle test, showcasing unexpected strengths and weaknesses.

Puggle Stick Duel: A martial arts-inspired finale where the last athlete standing wins.

Test of Courage: High-Altitude Skydiving

The competition kicked off with a heart-pounding skydiving challenge, designed to test not only physical fitness but also mental fortitude. With a stomach-churning drop from an altitude of 12,000 or 13,000 feet, both teams had to conquer their fears and land safely before transitioning to the demanding physical events that awaited them.

Strength Gauntlet: A Battle of Power and Endurance

After landing, they immediately launched into the Strength Gauntlet, a three-part test of pure power and muscular endurance. The first event was the deadlift, a classic exercise that challenges an athlete’s ability to lift a barbell off the ground from a bent-over position.

This round favored the military athletes, with their experience in carrying heavy loads translating well to deadlift success.

Next came the pull-up challenge, where both teams dueled on a pull-up bar. This event demanded upper body strength and grip strength, with both crossfitters and military athletes known for their impressive pulling power.

The competition was fierce, with each team member aiming for as many repetitions as possible within the allotted time.

The Strength Gauntlet concluded with the bench press, a test of pushing power focused on the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Here, the crossfitters emerged victorious, showcasing the benefits of their well-rounded training regimen that emphasizes compound movements like the bench press.

Rope Climb: Agility and Technique Take Center Stage

Following the Strength Gauntlet, the competition transitioned to the rope climb, an event that demanded both upper body strength and agility.

Athletes had to ascend a rope as many times as possible within a set time limit, showcasing their technique and grip strength. This event played to the crossfitters’ strengths, as their training often incorporates rope climbs, allowing them to secure a crucial lead in the competition.

Swim Relay: Pushing Through Unfamiliar Territory

The tables turned again in the swim relay, where teams competed in a 200-meter freestyle relay race. While crossfit workouts are known for their diverse nature, swimming isn’t always a central focus.

The military athletes, on the other hand, often incorporate swimming into their training, and their familiarity with the pool paid off. This event highlighted the importance of well-rounded fitness, where even the most unexpected skills can make a difference.

Puggle Stick: A Gritty Finale

With the score tied 3-3 heading into the final event, the tension was palpable. The puggle stick duel, a martial arts exercise popular in the military, involved using poles to try and sweep your opponent off their feet.

The competition was fierce, with both teams displaying impressive grit and determination. Each round ended in a draw, pushing the competition to a thrilling final showdown.

In the face of a stalemate, the outcome hinged on the final puggle stick battle. With nerves running high, Shai, one of the military athletes, battled a leg cramp but fought valiantly.

Ultimately, the military athletes emerged victorious in this final showdown, clinching the win with a score of 4 to 3.

Watch the video here:


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