Alisha Luna (52KG) Raw Deadlifts an All-Time World Record of 210.5 Kilograms at the 2024 WRPF Ghost Clash 3

Lightweight powerlifter Alisha Luna competed on April 7, 2024, at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Ghost Clash 3 in Miami, Florida. She had the day of her life on the platform, setting personal records in squat, bench press, deadlift, and total.

Luna entered the contest as the deadlift all-time world record (ATWR) holder in the 52KG class. She set it at 210 kilograms at the WRPF National Championships in September 2023. Luna chipped her ATWR to 210.5 kilograms on her second attempt in Miami. Check out Luna’s meet recap post, courtesy of her Instagram page:

Luna lifted in the “raw with wraps” division, which allows knee wraps, as opposed to “raw” which only allows the use of knee sleeves. She hit all three squats and ended with a five-kilogram competition personal best at 190 kilograms. It was a smooth and comfortable lift, suggesting more progression in the near future.

In the 52KG class, only Stefi Cohen has squatted more at 202.5 kilograms. It will be compelling to see if Luna can approach that number in the next year or so.

Luna continued her perfect run through bench press, hitting 102.5 kilograms — a 2.5-kilogram personal best. This looked like a well-chosen third attempt and close to her strength limit.

Deadlifts are where Luna really excels, and this contest was no exception. With only the assistance provided by a lifting belt, Luna set up in a conventional stance and took the barbell in a mixed grip. The weight broke the floor easily but required effort to pull back into full lockout.

For her final lift, Luna attempted 218 kilograms. This would have given her a 510.5 kilogram total — enough to beat the ATWR total set by Cohen at Cohen’s most recent meet in 2020. Unfortunately, the weight didn’t get far off the floor. Still, Luna is now the second-ranked 52KG lifter on total and seems to be rapidly moving towards the top spot.

2024 WRPF Ghost Clash 3 — Alisha Luna (USA), 52KG


170 kilograms

172.5 kilograms

190 kilograms

Bench Press

87.5 kilograms

95 kilograms

102.5 kilograms


197.5 kilograms

210.5 kilograms — All-Time World Record

218 kilograms

Total — 503 kilograms

It’s unclear where Luna will go next, but she seems en route to unseating Stefi Cohen from the 52KG top spot that Cohen has occupied for so long. If you missed the 2024 WRPF Ghost Clash 3, watch it on WRPF’s YouTube Channel.

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Featured image: @a_l_u_n_a on Instagram

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