Denise Herber (75KG) Wins The 2024 WRPF Ghost Clash 3 With All-Time World Record Deadlift of 291.5 Kilograms

Germany’s top-ranked female powerlifter, Denise Herber, has been hunting down the deadlift all-time world record (ATWR) for some time. She missed her third deadlift attempt at her last two competitions but finally had the perfect day she needed to hit her goal.

Herber competed at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Ghost Clash 3 on April 7, 2024, in Miami, FL, in the 75KG raw with wraps category. She opened heavier than ever in the deadlift with 270 kilograms. She then jumped 10 kilograms on her second attempt. 

With eight good lifts on the day, Herber called for an ATWR attempt of 291.5 kilograms on the barbell. Pulling beltless, as always, Herber set up in a conventional stance and took the bar in a mixed grip. It was slow to break from the floor, but Herber took it all the way to lockout once it did.

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Herber’s competition began well with three good lifts on the squat and hit 255 kilograms to match her competition best, set at the e.

Bench press went even better, with Herber setting a new personal best of 142.5 kilograms. Although not her best lift, Herber’s bench press has progressed well; this was 12.5 kilograms more than she benched at the same event the previous year.

Herber weighed in at 72.4 kilograms, a good way under the limit of 75.0 kilograms for the class. That means Herber’s ATWR deadlift was a four times bodyweight deadlift to eclipse the previous ATWR of 291 kilograms set by Brianny Terry at the WRPF American Pro 2 in October 2023.

2024 WRPF Ghost Clash 3 Results — Denise Herber (Germany), 75KG Raw w/Wraps


240 kilograms

250 kilograms

255 kilograms

Bench Press

130 kilograms

137.5 kilograms

142.5 kilograms


270 kilograms

280 kilograms

291.5 kilograms — All-Time World Record

Total — 689 kilograms

If Herber had made her ATWR deadlift the previous day, it would have been the biggest raw female deadlift in the world, regardless of weight class. However, Samantha Rice lifted at the same contest and put up a phenomenal 292.5-kilogram deadlift in the 90KG class in the second round.

Not only did Herber’s final deadlift give her the ATWR, but it also moved her past Hunter Henderson on dots in the best lifter contest, winning Herber $4,000 in prize money. With a 20-kilogram increase in her deadlift in the last year, Herber could be on her way to the fabled 300-kilogram deadlift benchmark.

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