BODi Offers Subscription-Free Programs To Drive Downloads

The company formerly known as Beachbody is making classes like P90X, 21 Day Fix and Portion Fix available via an individual purchase model

BODi, the health and fitness company formerly known as The Beachbody Company, plans to gradually transition its popular subscription-gated fitness and nutrition programs, such as P90X, 21 Day Fix and Portion Fix, to an individual purchase model.

While BODi isn’t scrapping its subscription model entirely, the shift represents increased flexibility and choice for health-conscious consumers who prefer to purchase specific programs. It’s also an opportunity to attract more consumers into BODI’s fitness and wellness system, said Carl Daikeler, the company’s co-founder and CEO. 

“Once people experience the quality of our programs, we believe that upgrading to a BODi subscription, which unlocks access to our entire library of content, will be a natural next step in their fitness evolution with us,” Daikeler said. “This is a big opportunity, and no other platform has the capability and library to do this.”

As of now, six of BODI’s programs are available for individual purchase for $59.95/each. The health and wellness company says the rest of its digital programs will become available in the coming months.

“We want to serve people with a flexible business model that allows them to consume our content and achieve outcomes in whatever way works best for them,” Daikeler continued. “Whether it’s one program at a time or as a subscription. This allows us to interact with the customer in a richer way to help them get more results and try more programs and nutritional supplements. Moreover, with the capability of offering our customers access to an extensive library of over 134 branded programs, we have a competitive moat that no other company can match.”

The new approach follows BODi’s rebrand last year and signals possible brighter days ahead for the company that has struggled in recent years. Last month, BODi said it expects positive cash flow in Q1 — a first since 2020. Its executives have told Athletech News they’re bullish on the company’s future, encouraged by the strength of BODi’s vast digital fitness and wellness content offerings and the widespread adoption of GLP-1s.

“We think of BODi as being the ‘Netflix’ of the digital fitness industry, and we are doing a much better job of leveraging that library,” Mark Goldston, executive chairman of BODI’s board of directors, told ATN last month. 

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