What Men’s Open Bodybuilder Michal “Krizo” Križánek Eats to Bulk 

Where one bulking season ends, a dieting phase begins. Slovakian Pro bodybuilder Michal “Krizo” Križánek recently described his mass-building eating regime with viewers of his YouTube channel.

After a decent 2022 competition run, Križánek launched his off-season gains with an aggressive bulking strategy — crushing the scales with his 300-pound physique at one point. However, that was short-lived due to a lack of appetite.

Križánek tried to increase his food intake again, but stomach issues forced him to focus on quality over quantity. The 34-year-old shared his plans to lean out for upcoming pro shows come April 2024. Watch the nine-minute breakdown of Krizo’s bulking plan below:

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While making quick work of his plans to emerge from amateur shows into pro bodybuilding ranks, Križánek’s standout physique generated quite the gossip. He earned IFBB Pro League status in October 2022 with a win at the Amateur Olympia Italy show in Rome.

Shortly after, the 6’1” athlete prevailed at the 2022 EVLS Prague Pro to qualify for his debut at the 2022 Olympia where he placed 12th overall. Then, Križánek’s 2023 Empro Classic victory qualified for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, finishing seventh — an improvement of five ranks.

Meal 1: Breakfast

Križánek’s typically wakes up between 7-8:30 a.m. His day usually starts with five whole eggs (Omelette or scrambled) for their anabolic nutritional profile. He dabbles in a yellowish Slovakian-aged cheese made from skim milk for additional protein. His carb fix comes from 120 grams of oatmeal with 30 grams of honey as a sweetener. 

Meal 2: Pre-Workout Mass Gainer Shake

Liquid calories are a gift from the muscle-building gods, especially when a bodybuilding career depends on it. 

I have it so my stomach isn’t so full.

Križánek relies on the convenience of pre-formulated mass gainer shakes to meet daily nutritional requirements. He aims for 63 grams of protein, 60-70 grams of carbs, and more than 10 grams of fat per serving. 

Protein powder supplements, particularly whey, digest faster than whole meals, which allows for a quicker return to training. Plus, research shows heaps of potential benefits from swigging a protein shake when paired with adequate lifting efforts. (1)

Intra-Workout Drink

Križánek swigs an intra-training beverage, supplying 60 grams of fasting-acting carbohydrates during training sessions. A carb drink restocks the muscles with glycogen (i.e., fuel) and helps prevent performance decline. (2)

Meals 3 and 4: Post-Workout 

Roughly 30 minutes following a workout, Križánek downs another 160 grams of mass gainer. Then an hour later, he eats 250 grams of salmon, 120 grams of cream of rice, and some veggies. 

Meal 5: Proteins

Križánek prefers non-beef meats like chicken breasts or veal; all grilled. Depending on how stuffed he feels, Krizo will opt for rice, potatoes, or protein pudding to accompany his vegetables. 

Meal 6: Meat and plant-based 

Approaching the day’s end, Krizo keeps it light with some chicken or fish with veggies and fruit. This ought to be easier on the stomach as he winds down for the evening and prepares for some shut-eye.

Meal 7: Pre-bedtime and midnight munchies

Before hitting the sack, Krizo delights in a serving of quark — a soft, creamy type of cow’s milk cheese, paired with a protein shake. But if he gets bored of that combo, a mass gainer shake it is!

Križánek doesn’t have a specific eating time before going to sleep. He can doze off straight after a meal and sometimes grabs a midnight snack.

Calorie and Macronutrient Breakdown

Križánek provided the total calories and macronutrients for the entire day, which we listed below. 

Calories: 4500-5000 

Protein: 400-500 grams

Carbs: 400 grams 

Fat: Roughly 100 grams 

I don’t really count fats.

Križánek has his routine down to a T, so neglecting to track his fat intake doesn’t seem to hurt the top-10 Olympia finisher. He doesn’t use apps to count calories, either. Habit is all he needs.

The priority is to have enough protein. That is the base for building muscle.

Križánek doesn’t believe in a high-carb mass-gaining diet. “When I see some people having 1,000 grams of carbs, they must be spending night and day on the toilet”. 

When asked about eating at food joints, Križánek is skeptical about giving outside establishments his hard-earned money. “I usually only get disappointed. Because I’m looking forward to it, spend a ton of money on it. Then if I get some crap food, I feel like crying,” said Križánek. “I’d step on the chef’s head,” the elite athlete jokingly added. We certainly feel his pain. 

Supplements and 5 Liters Of Tea Every Day

The last topic before ending the Q&A, Križánek has a modest supplement regime of vitamin complexmagnesium, and probiotics. For massive pumps, he takes citrulline and arginine before clinging iron.

Križánek drinks at least five liters of tea daily, mainly for the potential cleansing benefits. Krizo hardly drinks plain water. However, he’s not dehydrated since tea is brewed in water. 

What’s Next For Michal Krizo? 

Michal Krizo is expected to return to the competitive stage at the Empro Classic in June 2024, which he won in 2023 to qualify for the Olympia. However, many hope for a head-to-head battle with 2021 Arnold Classic champ Nick Walker at the 2024 New York Pro on May 18, 2024. 

With a win at either, Križánek will punch his ticket to the 2024 Mr. Olympia set for Oct. 10-13, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV. 


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Featured image: @ifbb_pro_michalkrizokrizanek on Instagram

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