Inside the Gym That Built a 4x Mr. Olympia Champion – Tour CBum’s Personal Gym

Chris Bumstead, more popularly known as CBum, takes us on an exclusive tour of his personal gym, a space he describes as one of the best investments he’s ever made.

Unlike typical investments that focus on financial return, Chris emphasizes the non-monetary benefits of investing in his fitness sanctuary.

It’s a little extreme to have your own gym, but investing in yourself brings the best returns. Whether it’s mental focus, training intensity, or simply enjoying workouts without interruptions, this gym has been crucial for my growth both as a professional bodybuilder and in my personal life.


Why Build A Personal Gym?

High-End Equipment and Design

Chris’s gym is outfitted with an array of specialized equipment designed to target every muscle group effectively. From dual quad extensions located near the entrance to ensure airflow, to the Prime plate-loading machine favored for its heavy lifting capability, each piece serves a specific purpose.

Functionality and Aesthetics

The layout of the gym is meticulously planned to balance spaciousness with the functionality of a professional gym. Noteworthy is the 1969 LS3-powered Chevrolet Camaro, a classic touch that showcases Chris’s unique style and passion for cars alongside bodybuilding.

Highlights from the Tour

Personal Favorites and Unique Finds

Among the vast equipment array, CBum highlights his favorites like the Aaron quad extension for its lighter feel and the lying plate-loaded hamstring curl machine for its adjustability. Each piece is chosen not only for its functionality but also for how it complements his training routine.

The Significance of Each Machine

Chris walks us through why he picked certain machines, such as the seated and lying hamstring curls for their specific benefits to his leg workouts and the strategic placement of the preacher curl station near the bay door for better lighting and ambiance.

In-Depth Look at the Gym’s Features

Diverse Training Equipment

The gym boasts a variety of equipment focusing on different muscle groups. This includes multiple types of leg machines, cable machines with carefully selected weight increments, and free weights organized to maximize space and efficiency.

Adaptations for Comprehensive Workouts

In addition to traditional bodybuilding equipment, the gym features cardio machines like treadmills and stationary bikes, essential for well-rounded fitness routines. Chris points out the absence of a traditional bench press, explaining his preference for functional space over standard setups.

The Benefits of a Personalized Space

Distraction-Free Environment

One of the major advantages of the home gym, according to Chris, is the privacy it offers. “I love meeting new people at public gyms, but it can disrupt my focus. Here, I can train without interruptions, which is invaluable,” he notes.

Enhanced Career and Training Quality

The gym has played a pivotal role in CBum’s bodybuilding career, providing a dedicated space to train rigorously and consistently, which is essential for maintaining peak physical condition and preparing for competitions.

Looking to the Future

Chris dreams of expanding his gym to include even more specialized equipment and perhaps additional recreational areas like a basketball court to combine fitness with leisure. “My ultimate goal is to build a comprehensive fitness retreat right in my backyard,” CBum shares enthusiastically.

Tour his gym here:


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