2024 Vancouver Island Showdown Pro Preview

The 2024 Vancouver Island Showdown Pro will be held on Saturday, April 20, 2024, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This show features three IFBB Pro League women’s divisions: Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, and Wellness.

The champions of the contested divisions will earn qualification to compete at the 2024 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024. None of the competitors in this show have yet qualified for the 2024 Olympia.

2024 Vancouver Island Showdown Rosters

The rosters for all three events are below, as shown on the scorecards listed on the IFBB Pro League website.

Women’s Bodybuilding

Lena Betka (United States)

Michelle Bogden (United States)

Marianna Gasparyan (United States)

Melanie Horton (Canada)

Rebeca Roa (Mexico)

Julia Whitesel (United States)

Women’s Physique

Arbe Myhre (Canada)

Julie Schultz (United States)

Marianne Von Gierke (Chile)


Emily Azzarello (Canada)

Nicollette Burns (United States)

Kaedi Doi (Japan)

Pierrette Ebami (Canada)

Giovanna Favero Taques Loyola (Brazil)

Joanna Jean (Canada)

Debora Paula De Oliveira (Brazil)

Jasmine Payne (United States)

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Women’s Bodybuilding Athletes to Watch

Below are three athletes to pay attention to as potential contenders for the crown:

Marianna Gasparyan

Powerlifting legend and multiple-time world record holder Marianna Gasparyan switched from powerlifting to bodybuilding in 2023. She turned pro by winning the 2023 NPC USA Light-Heavyweight title. This will be Gasparyan’s IFBB Pro League debut.

Fans have been waiting to see how Gasparyan will fare in her new pro sport after dominating the platform for several years. She will have the density to hold her own, but her conditioning and size will likely define her overall rank. 

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Julia Whitesel

Sherry Priami won this competition in 2023. Priami is not in the 2024 lineup, but the runner-up, Julia Whitesel, is. Whitesel has already competed once this season, scoring third in the 2024 Triple O Dynasty contest.

Whitesel ranked 10th in the 2023 Ms. Olympia. She hopes to return to that stage to move up the standings. She won the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow, so she has tasted gold in Canada before.

Michelle Bogden

Michelle Bogden is in her rookie season; she turned pro via her win in the Light-Heavyweight category at the 2023 North American Championships. Bogden made her pro debut at the 2024 Triple O Dynasty event to a seventh-place finish. With a pro show under her belt and knowledge of how to improve, we will likely see an even-more improved version of her physique in Victoria.

Other Notes

A pay-per-view livestream of this competition will be available for fans and supporters who can’t be in the building to watch live. Details of that stream are available on the event website.

Featured image: @shelleybfit on Instagram

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