Next Health Eyes 150 Longevity Clinics by 2027

The Los Angeles-based franchise has sold 50 territories just this month amid the wellness and longevity boom

Next Health, a Los Angeles-based health optimization and longevity center that established a franchise system last year, is already seeing the fruits of its labor, with plans to open 150-plus locations by the end of 2027. 

The longevity franchise reports it surpassed its growth targets, with 50 sold territories this month. Clinics are open in California, Hawaii and New York City, while Next Health will soon open its doors in Miami, Nashville, Dubai and Australia.

“Next Health marries the most advanced health optimization treatments with keen technological operations,” said Scott Svilich, Next Health’s chief operating officer. “The booming wellness economy is projected to surge 26% to $8.5 trillion by 2027, and Next Health is at the forefront, capturing a large percentage of that through new locations and technology.

Next Level Wellness

Next Health’s concept weaves together wellness therapies and advanced medical services, providing a white-glove service for consumers who seek not just anti-aging therapies, but prevention and regeneration.

Although Next Health offers clients services commonly found in competing longevity franchises (cryotherapy, IV and peptide therapy, vitamin shots and routine biomarker testing, targeted health programs for hormone and weight optimization and aesthetics services), Next Health takes it a step further, providing ozone therapy, an “Executive Physical” and therapeutic plasma exchange.

The Executive Physical, $14,500, is a comprehensive health assessment that examines 1,000 health and longevity markers with advanced bloodwork and takes clients through a TruAge test, a full-body MRI, a chest CT and InBody analysis to detect diseases and potential health concerns. Clients then receive personalized recommendations and participate in quarterly baseline tests.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, a $10,000 “oil change for your health” that is offered at Next Health’s Los Angeles location, refreshes a client’s plasma, removing particles that contribute to disease or aging.

“Our brand’s promise is, no matter where or how a customer engages with Next Health, they’ll have access to the latest and best wellness technology and treatments available,” Next Heath co-founders, Dr. Darshan Shah and Kevin Peake noted in a joint statement.

Longevity Franchises Boom

Longevity is an evolving, promising sector. While concerns have been raised about the financial barriers clinics may impose on many consumers and the role they will eventually play in the long-term traditional healthcare landscape, franchise brands such as Next Health continue to gain traction.

New Jersey-based Serotonin Centers is expanding in Chicago, with more locations to follow while Restore Hyper Wellness has said it plans to open 500 locations over the next several years.

Lindora, a metabolic health clinic recently acquired by Xponential Fitness, has already enjoyed a strong start to its franchising endeavors, announcing several multi-unit license agreements with plans to enter new markets across the U.S.

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