Dave Richardson Wins the 2024 ABS Clash of the Titans 2

Advanced Barbell Systems (ABS) held its second edition of Clash of the Titans on April 20, 2024, in Dublin, Ireland. This event is scored on the biggest total achieved — no weight classes or formula. This format favors the super heavyweights; however, it was one of the lightest lifters who won the ABS belt on this occasion.

Dave Richardson has been on an upward trajectory for some time and was one of the favorites to make the podium. At the contest’s first edition in 2023, Richardson came second to Fernando Arias. However, in the space of a year, Richardson has added an incredible 70 kilograms to his total, and he secured the win with a colossal 432.5-kilogram deadlift. Take a look at the lift below, courtesy of Richardson’s Instagram page:

With the biggest deadlift, Richardson pulled last. At that point in the competition, Richardson had already locked the overall gold by matching Nicolaas du Preez’s 1,065-kilogram total while at a lighter body weight (123.6 kilograms). However, this did not stop Richardson from loading 432.5 kilograms to the bar — 20 kilograms more than his second deadlift attempt.

Richardson set up in a conventional stance, took the barbell in a mixed grip, and began the pull. As the bar passed his knees, Richardson cried, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” knowing he would reach lockout. He was immediately awarded the 2024 ABS Clash of the Titans 2 belt.

Richardson’s huge 432.5-kilogram lift is the second-biggest deadlift ever achieved in a full power meet with a conventional stance. Only Benedikt Magnússon has done more (442.5 kilograms). With sumo deadlifters included, Richardson’s lift is the seventh biggest in the world. Richardson scored 617.14 dots to put him at the top of the UK rankings and moved into the top 20 world rankings on raw total.

This event was billed as the strongest platform in Europe, and indeed, only 40 athletes in the history of powerlifting have ever hit a total big enough to make this podium. Richardson weighed in at 123.6 kilograms, putting him in the 125KG class. Only Zahir Khudayarov has totaled more in this class.

ABS Clash of the Titans 2 — Results

Dave Richardson (UK) — 1085 kilograms

Nicolaas du Preez (South Africa) — 1065 kilograms

Fernando Arias (USA) — 1062.5 kilograms

Dan Bell (USA) — 1052.5 kilograms

Marcin Gierczak (Poland) — 1000 kilograms

Łukas Klugiewicz (Poland) — 987.5 kilograms

Konrad Blewązka (Poland) — 977.5 kilograms

Tómas Darri Þorsteinsson (Iceland) — 970 kilograms

Connor Marston (UK) — 950 kilograms

Ben Flawith (UK) — 945 kilograms

Tom Smith (UK) — 917.5 kilograms

Eamonn Harford (Ireland) — 915 kilograms

Rob Flett (UK) — 910 kilograms

Konrad Bronicki (Poland) — DQ

It is unclear when Richardson will compete next but if he keeps improving at this rate, the all-time world records won’t be out of reach. The next ABS series contest will occur in Cologne, Germany, May 31-June 2, 2024.

Featured image: @sirdave___ on Instagram

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