Sumer Johnson Scores Under-82KG Strongwoman World Record Deadlift of 300 Kilograms (660 Pounds) 

2023 Clash on the Coast Under 82-kilogram (U82) division winner Sumer Johnson is now the U82 strongwoman world-record holder in the deadlift. Johnson was a part of the 2024 Official Strongman Record Breakers event in Derry, Ireland, on Saturday, April 20, 2024.

Johnson’s deadlift of 300 kilograms (660 pounds) was the first world record of the day. Check out the new world record below, courtesy of the Official Strongman Instagram page:

Johnson was at the barbell with her lifting straps secured. After some deep breaths, she began the pull and quickly reached lockout. She briefly looked around at the crowd before the official gave her the down command.

Once Johnson returned the barbell to the floor, blood streamed down her forehead as her excitement showed for claiming the record. Johnson used lifting straps and wore a weight belt but not a deadlift suit. According to Kaos Strength, the previous U82KG deadlift record was 282.5 kilograms (622.9 pounds) by Rhianon Lovelace.

Sumer Johnson’s Competitive History

Johnson has competed in strongwoman and competitive powerlifting. Her previous strongwoman accolades include a fourth-place finish at the 2017 Arnold Amateur Strongwoman World Championships in Columbus, OH, and a fifth-place finish at the 2022 America’s Strongest Woman contest in Las Vegas, NV. In addition to a huge deadlift, Johnson is a solid presser, as evidenced by a career-best 122-kilogram (269-pound) log press.

According to Open Powerlifting, Johnson’s competition-best deadlift was her 250-kilogram pull on June 27, 2020, at the Southern Powerlifting Federation’s (SPF) Arkansas State Championships in Little Rock, AR. Unlike strongwoman, straps are not allowed in competitive raw powerlifting. Johnson has a top raw squat of 227 kilograms (501 pounds) and a 121-kilogram (266-pound) bench press to her credit.

This was the first edition Official Strongman Record Breakers event. The replay is available for paid subscribers at the Official Strongman website.

Featured Image: @sumerjohnson on Instagram

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