Rondel Hunte (120KG) Deadlifts a 400 -Kilogram Raw Double; 4.5 Kilos Over the IPF World Record

Trinidad and Tobago powerlifter Rondel Hunte is one of the strongest tested powerlifters in the world. He ranks in seventh place on total for tested lifters and is the only lifter in the top 10 who isn’t a super heavyweight.

Hunte is, in particular, a phenomenal deadlifter. He scored 397.5 kilograms at the 2023 United States of America Powerlifting (USAPL) Raw Nationals but hasn’t yet reached the landmark 400-kilogram pull in competition. He has, however, hit it in training.

Hunte released a video to his YouTube channel on April 21, 2024, wherein he deadlifted 400 kilograms for two repetitions. Check out the phenomenal set below:

Hunte shared his warm-up sets on his way to 400 kilograms. He got there remarkably quickly:

Warm Up Weights

Empty Barbell x 10 repetitions

120 kilograms x 6 repetitions

220 kilograms x 1 repetition

270 kilograms x 1 repetition

320 kilograms x 1 repetition

365 kilograms x 1 repetition

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Main Lift

Hunte deadlifts with a conventional stance, and before he started the session, explained his intent to execute the double with a hook grip (i.e., with the fingers trapping the thumb against the barbell for additional grip security.)

The first repetition was smooth and appeared comfortable as Hunte locked it out cleanly. However, upon returning the barbell to the platform, he immediately went for his lifting straps. He performed the second repetition with straps and the pull was much tougher. Hunte’s body shook as the barbell slowed during his ascent. It was a fight to pull it to the top.

Since Hunte technically left the platform between the two repetitions, it could be argued that he did two singles close together rather than a double. However, the fact remains that he pulled 400 kilograms twice in short order.

Grip Issues

Hunte expressed frustration for grabbing lifting straps part way through his set. He explained his training environment is hot and humid and doesn’t have air conditioning. Sweat is the enemy of grip.

Hunte further explained that straps adversely affect his positioning. He prefers not to use them at all. However, he adapted to his circumstances and did what was needed to complete the set.

Hunte then performed deadlift triples at 280 kilograms and completed his workout with some light squats and accessory work.

These colossal deadlifts came at the end of a tough week’s training in which Hunte squatted 350 kilograms for two reps and bench pressed 250 kilograms for two reps. Hunte’s training total is 1,000 kilograms — 21.5 kilograms above the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) total world record currently held by Dennis Cornelius.

Hunte is on a long road back to the IPF and is expected to return in 2025. Whether he will compete before then is unknown, but he seems likely to lay waste to the record books when he does.

Featured image: @deadlift_lord868 on Instagram

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