Founder of Club Pilates Launches Second Franchise Brand in Red Light Method

Allison Beardsley’s personal experience with the transformative effects of red light therapy while recovering from COVID-19 inspired her to create the fast-growing wellness franchise

Red Light Method, spearheaded by Allison Beardsley, stands out in the wellness industry with its unique approach to red light therapy and its franchising ethos. Red Light Method fully embraces red light therapy as a core component of its approach, setting it apart from the market.

Beardsley’s personal experience with the transformative effects of red light therapy during her recovery from COVID-19 sparked her decision to launch Red Light Method. The brand’s three-part method combines red light therapy, Power Plate classes, and Pilates Reformer sessions, offering significant health benefits including inches loss, skin rejuvenation, pain reduction, increased circulation along with the fitness benefits of vibration technology as well as Pilates.

Red Light Method uses the Contour Light system, which is the only FDA-approved red light body wrap device clinically proven for body contouring. The scientific trials of the Contour Light were based on a 25-minute treatment, plus 10 minutes of whole-body vibration, which is how Beardsley was introduced to Power Plate. 

“It was late summer 2021 and I was recovering from COVID,” recalled Beardsley. “The fatigue was brutal. I started doing the red light body wraps daily, and in two weeks I felt like a 20-year-old again.”

Beardsley lost 11 pounds in two weeks and noted she started “sleeping like a baby” after beginning the treatments. Her skin aged backward and she found herself with exponential energy compared to what she felt beforehand. 

“Within two weeks of it I was like, ‘Holy crap, this is a miracle,’” said Beardsley. “I was so energized that I had to share this with the world in the same breath of inspiration I began Club Pilates. I was content in retirement and never intended to open another brick and mortar, but after experiencing this, I had to.” 

Allison Beardsley (credit: Red Light Method)

Beardsley opened Red Light Method in August of 2022 in the small market of Bentonville, Arkansas.

Beardsley reports that even in a small population, unlike her first experience with Club Pilates in San Diego, the red light franchise is seeing higher customer membership sales and better margins. It’s early, but Beardsley is experiencing more per-unit customer growth with Red Light Method in the first 18 months than she did with Club Pilates in the first 7 years. 

Red Light Method also boasts 73% lead-to-show intro numbers and 60% member conversion metrics after the complimentary first experience.

A Holistic Approach to Franchising & Business

Red Light Method’s holistic approach to franchising and commitment to treating franchisees and members as valued individuals rather than mere profit sources sets the brand apart. Beardsley emphasizes empathy and fairness in her business model, aiming to provide significant value to both franchisees and customers. This approach seems to be paying off given the high customer membership sales and promising margins.

“A single Contour Light treatment typically costs folks more than $200, for one 25-minute treatment. Red Light Method provides significant value to the community with unlimited memberships at just $199. This is changing lives,” said Beardsley. “We have scores of members down 80-100 pounds in 18 months. People are pain-free, sleeping better and finding relief from autoimmune conditions. Some members have been accused by their friends of having facelifts. I am doing the exact same thing I did when I grew Club Pilates — making a luxury and a needed service affordable and accessible for as many people as possible.”

credit: Red Light Method

The Red Light Method franchising program, launched last month, has already garnered significant interest, with multiple territories signed up and more in progress through word-of-mouth referrals. 

Beardsley’s experience with Club Pilates has also informed her franchising strategy, enabling her to offer franchisees favorable terms and streamlined operations. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and value, she knows that Red Light Method is poised for growth even in challenging economic times. 

A Franchisor That Puts Franchisees First

Beardsley believes in helping franchise owners get opened as affordably as possible. Having been both a franchisor and franchisee, she refuses to profit off of franchise owners’ start-up costs.

Red Light Method franchisees get $500,000 worth of equipment for the franchisor’s wholesale exclusive negotiated price under $250,000. No instructor payroll costs exist, either, due to the nature of the experience, as the primary services include the red light treatment, then the Power Plate class and Pilates Reformer classes are secondary services and taught virtually by Beardsley herself.

Providing franchise owners with equipment at such a significant discount and ensuring they don’t have to bear the burden of instructor payroll costs makes a significant difference in getting franchise locations off the ground. Fostering a community of happy franchise owners while also ensuring that customers receive high-quality services remains a central goal. 

Red Light Method represents a forward-thinking approach to wellness franchising, driven by Beardsley’s vision and supported by a dedicated team. By combining innovative treatments with a customer-centric philosophy, the brand aims to not only thrive but also positively impact the lives of its members and franchisees alike.

The Red Light Method Franchise Family

Red Light Method’s prioritizing of clinically proven medical-grade red light therapy body contouring treatments as its flagship service resembles a groundbreaking step in its own right. 

This move not only distinguishes Red Light Method from its competitors, but also highlights its commitment to offering cutting-edge wellness solutions. By complementing this primary offering with secondary services such as Power Plate and Pilates Reformer sessions, Red Light Method ensures a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.

“Red Light Method is like a massage, a facial, a body contouring treatment and a workout all in one hour, and that is just scratching the surface,” said Beardsley. 

As a token of appreciation for establishing the brand’s legacy, founding franchise owners are eligible for an exclusive special offer from Red Light Method. This limited opportunity not only rewards founding franchise owners for their dedication but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the Red Light Method franchise family. As the brand continues to evolve and expand, these founding franchisees will play an integral role in shaping the future of Red Light Method.

For more information on becoming a Red Light Method franchise owner, email

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