Popular YouTuber Tests His Fitness After 4-Month Break: Here Are The Results

Have you ever taken a break from fitness, only to be shocked by how much strength you’ve lost?  

Youtuber Mark Lewis is confronting this exact challenge. After four months away, he’s assessing the damage with a series of revealing tests

Can he regain his old form by summer?  Discover the stark reality of fitness decline and the first steps on Mark’s road to recovery.  

Initial Setup: The Strength Tests

Mark’s self-imposed challenge involves ten fitness tests split into two main categories—strength and cardio. 

Today’s focus is on five strength-based evaluations, with each test previously familiar to him, allowing for a direct comparison with past performances.

Bench Press

The bench press is a revealing starting point for Mark. Historically, as someone who stands 6’6″ and weighs over 200 pounds, he has not excelled in this area relative to his size. 

His best record from a couple of years ago was lifting 210 pounds. Today, he begins with 155 lbs, which he lifts smoothly, but as he increases the weight, the challenge becomes apparent. 

At 175 lbs, he hits a wall, marking a significant decrease in his maximum capability. 

Previously, he could handle 210 lbs; now, he struggles with 185 lbs, marking approximately a 15.8% decrease in strength.


Pull-ups further highlight the impact of Mark’s break from the gym. 

His best at one time was ten reps. Now, warming up with an elastic band, he quickly realizes the gravity of his situation. 

He barely manages one and three-quarter reps—a staggering 82.5% reduction in his pull-up capability

This test not only reflects a loss in strength but also an increase in body weight, severely affecting his performance.


Dips, which used to be a stronger area for Mark compared to pull-ups, also tell a story of significant fitness decline. 

Previously, he could add an extra 10-20 lbs to his dips, reaching up to 12 reps easily. 

Today, he manages only four solid reps without additional weight. This roughly 66.7% decrease in performance is a stark indicator of how fitness levels have changed.

Cardiovascular and Power Assessment

Mark’s next video will delve into the cardio and power aspects of his fitness journey. 

A brief preview reveals a 30% decrease in his maximum cycling sprint power—from a peak of 1,523 watts down to 1,090 watts. 

This decline underscores not just a loss of strength but also diminished explosive power, crucial for high-intensity activities.

Reflections and Path Forward

Confronted with these results, Mark is introspective yet motivated. 

He is faced with the hard truth of his physical regression but also sees a clear path to regaining his former stature. This journey, though filled with challenges, is about more than just numbers. 

It’s about reconnecting with a passion for fitness and pushing the limits of personal achievement.

Watch the video:

Conclusion: A Call to Resilience

As Mark continues to document his progress in reclaiming his fitness, he invites his audience to reflect on their own health journeys. 

The next installment will cover his cardiovascular tests, providing further insights into his overall fitness and strategies for improvement.

Mark’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Join him as he strives toward recovery, inspiring others to embrace their fitness challenges with courage and perseverance.


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