2024 Drogan Physique DMS Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview

Fifteen IFBB Pro League athletes will represent seven nations at the 2024 Drogan Physique DMS Pro show, slated for Sunday, April 28, 2024, in Changsha, China. Classic Physique and Bikini division contests will be held at this event; the winners qualify for the 2024 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024. 

2024 Drogan Physique DMS Pro Rosters

None of the 15 competitors had qualified for the Olympia going into this event. The rosters for both shows are below, as listed on the IFBB Pro League website.

Classic Physique

Lei Gu (China)

Shicheng Jin (China)

Kai Liu (China)

Lihsuan Liu (Taiwan)

Denis Romanov (Russia)

Laixi Xie (China)

Lei Yingqi (China)


Gigi Amurao (Philippines)

Charlotte Ellis (United Kingdom)

Heather Hei Man Kam (Hong Kong)

Liana Moroz (Russia)

Li Shuai (China)

Wendy Tsai (Taiwan)

Jiaqi Wei (China)

Mengru Zhang (Austria)

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Bikini Division Athletes to Watch

Below are three Bikini competitors likely to reach first callout:

Charlotte Ellis

Charlotte Ellis of the United Kingdom is in her rookie season and looking for her first pro win and Olympia qualification. She placed second in the 2024 Taiwan Pro, which was her pro debut. Sara Choi was the winner of that contest. Ellis showed a lot of potential in her first show, and she now has a little experience to go with it. 

Heather Hei Man Kam

Heather Hei Man Kam is competing in her second pro season. This will be her second pro show of 2024. She previously placed third at the 2024 Musclecontest Japan Pro, won by Nittaya Kongthun.

Heather Hei Man Kam has had over two months to improve for this contest. She seeks her first pro victory and ticket to the Olympia.

Wendy Tsai

Wendy Tsai has competed twice in 2024, finishing seventh at the Musclecontest Japan Pro and fifth in the Taiwan Pro. Tsai entered the pro ranks in 2023. She competed in three shows during her rookie year, highlighted by her sixth-place rank at the 2023 District of Taiwan Pro

Other Notes

This Classic Physique contest is the lone one for the division this weekend. Two other Bikini division shows are happening on April 27, 2024: the Klash Series Grl Pwr Championships Pro in Orlando, FL, and the St. Louis Pro in St. Louis, MO.

Featured Image: @heatherk.ifbbpro on Instagram

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