Ashley Kaltwasser Wins 2024 Klash Series Grl Pwr Championships Pro

Three-time Bikini Olympia champion Ashley Kaltwasser has won the 2024 Klash Series Grl Pwr Championships ProThe show was held on Saturday, Apr. 27, 2024, in Orlando, FL, featuring 32 pros representing five different nations.

Kaltwasser’s victory increases her status as the all-time winningest IFBB Pro League competitor with 44 pro wins. This is her first time winning the Klash Series Grl Pwr Championships Pro.

Second place went to Marie-Eve Duchesneau of Canada, and Chantel Hall settled for third. The final standings for this contest are below:

2024 Klash Series Grl Pwr Championships Pro Results

Ashley Kaltwasser (United States)

Marie-Eve Duchesneau (Canada)

Chantel Hall (United States)

Allison Testu (France)

Iulia Baba (Romania)

Maya Astabie (United States)

Kristiana Brush (United States)

Kimberly Bonilla (United States)

Noel Zayour (United States)

Shaneeka Harmonson (United States)

Alyssa Blessing (United States)

Lizbeth Rocha Escapita (United States)

Lucy Edwards (United Kingdom)

Jessica Miller (United States)

Brooklin Bade (United States)

Tied for 16th

Hope Andrews (United States)

Mia Bartschi (United States)

Stacy Correa (United States)

Stephanie Fournier (United States)

Dustee Gutierrez (United States)

Tara Harlin (United States)

Ashley Humiston (United States)

Courtney Janecek (United States)

Steffanie Mendel (United States)

Kerrin Phillips (United States)

Belinda Rivera (United States)

Kristy Robbins Rosoff (United States)

Angela Ruscili (United States)

Judy Son (United States)

Alissa Tonelli (United States)

Dianna Trester (United States)

Fallon Wainwright (United States)

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Winner — Ashley Kaltwasser

Kaltwasser’s 44th victory came against a lineup of heavy-hitters. However, there was no doubt in the judges’ eyes who the winner was. This was Kaltwassers’ first appearance onstage since the 2023 Japan Pro.

Kaltwasser took time off to recover from eye surgery but returned with a vengeance. She was already qualified for the 2024 Bikini Olympia in Las Vegas, NV, as a past champion, a top-three finisher at the 2023 Olympia, and the previous season’s winner, so no qualification was awarded at this contest.

Second Place — Marie-Eve Duchesneau

The Canadian competitor now has three top-three finishes to her credit. Duchesneau previously placed third at the 2024 Bikini International UK and second at the 2024 Klash Series Championship Pro. She has until Sept. 15, 2024, to win a show and qualify for the Olympia.

Third Place — Chantel Hall

Hall ranked seventh at the 2024 Wasatch Warrior Pro show in Salt Lake City, UT. She’s made significant improvements since then, which paid off in her first pro podium. This was Hall’s second pro show of the 2024 season. She is in her fifth pro season, still seeking her first pro win and Olympia qualification.

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