Myzone Ecosystem Now Available on Smartwatches  

In response to consumer demand, Myzone has rolled out MZ-Open, which makes its industry-leading heart rate tracking tech available on Apple and Android smartwatches

Heart-monitoring technology pioneer Myzone has been an integral part of the fitness industry for fourteen years, helping clubs foster strong communities, friendly competition, a sense of accomplishment and a connected fitness experience, all leading to increased retention and ultimately healthier members. 

 Now, answering consumer demands, Myzone is leaning into third-party tech to significantly extend its user and club benefits with MZ-Open, which makes its tracking capabilities available on Apple and Android smartwatches.

Complementing Myzone’s existing wearable devices, the new MZ-Open technology provides gym members with an additional way to access the Myzone ecosystem, track their fitness and enjoy the benefits of their gym and wider Myzone community.

“It’s estimated that nearly one in three Americans are currently using wearables, and none of them want to wear multiple devices,” said David Stalker, the former Global CEO of Myzone, who was instrumental in bringing the MZ-Open project to life during his time leading the company. “So we combined our technology with the consumer’s wearable of choice and now all consumers have to do is push a button on their Apple or Android watch to access Myzone tracking and all the benefits that come with it.”

A Game Changer for Clubs & Members

The introduction of MZ-Open makes Myzone even more accessible and desirable for more members, facilitating increased motivation and movement. And for those members who have not already experienced the power of using Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), MZ-Open is an efficient and holistic path to achieving their goals. For clubs, this represents enhanced penetration and engagement.

It’s also a game changer when it comes to community development.

“MZ-Open literally opens all doors for your community to come together as a whole,” said Stalker, who remains a Board Advisor for Myzone. “Where in many cases it was Myzone or smartwatch – an either or – now it’s an all-in, and the community can achieve health together as part of a shared experience.”

credit: Myzone

Additionally, MZ-Open allows exercise outside of the gym to be tracked by the member and the gym, as well as the associated MEPs.

“Now, members can obtain MEPs during their dog walks, bike rides, hikes and all of the other exercise and movement they do outside of the four walls of the gym with their smart watch,” said Stalker. “This truly puts clubs in a position to become the hub of their member’s health journeys.”

This excites Stalker the most about MZ-Open.

“Making shared exercise tracking, motivation and personal data that are tied to the World Health Organization Guidelines available to members 24/7 – inside and outside of the gym – truly sets the stage for gyms to be their member’s health delivery partner, and that is exactly what all clubs should be,” said Stalker.

Leading With Innovation & Meeting Members Where They Are 

Stalker shares with Athletech News that the innovation journey in developing MZ-Open was not an easy one.

“There was an enormous learning curve when it came to combining our proven and successful technology with a third-party platform,” he said.

He holds fast to embracing what Myzone is best at, and tirelessly working toward that.

“We believe that we are the leading providers of absolutely accurate heart rate tech and also motivating member movement to drive retention, and that is our lane,” said Stalker. “Accuracy is absolutely crucial and it’s what we are known for, so there was a lot of work done to ensure that our tech could operate through a third-party platform without losing any of it.”

credit: Myzone

Wearable devices remain a fundamental part of the Myzone proposition, but MZ-Open presents a significant growth opportunity.

“Our goal is to be that silent partner, helping clubs to motivate all members toward health, and to do that our offering has to translate to everyone,” Stalker tells Athletech News. “So we simply have to keep evolving and embracing how people want to use their wearables, and then make our technology work for that.”

Stalker points to the progressions the company continually made to deliver on consumer needs.

“Two years ago we launched the MZ-Switch in response to demand for a wrist-worn device,” said Stalker. “With MZ-Open, the Myzone ecosystem is even more accessible. In the end, we are still delivering the most accurate heart rate monitoring on the market, and we now have a delivery method based on the needs of consumers and club members, which multiplies usage and enhances retention for the clubs.”

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