Popular YouTubers Put CrossFit on Trial: Verdict on the Best (and Worst)

CrossFit is a fitness phenomenon, but it’s not without its critics. Former enthusiasts turned YouTubers, Coach ZT, Dylan and Chris from Modern Wisdom Train, break down the good and the bad of this high-intensity workout trend. 

In a detailed discussion, YouTubers Dylan and Chris, both former CrossFit enthusiasts who have transitioned to other forms of strength training, explore the nuances of CrossFit, highlighting both its benefits and its pitfalls.

Unpacking CrossFit: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Best of CrossFit

Community and Support

Dylan and Chris emphasize the positive impact of CrossFit’s community-driven environment. 

This aspect is not only motivating but also essential in pushing individuals beyond their perceived limits. 

They discuss how the collective energy in a CrossFit box can encourage someone to perform exercises they wouldn’t normally attempt alone, fostering a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

Accessibility and Encouragement

CrossFit’s design makes fitness accessible and engaging, introducing many to strength training and conditioning who might otherwise stick to conventional gym routines. 

The structured nature of the workouts, combined with skilled coaching, helps demystify fitness for newcomers, making complex movements approachable and safely executable.

Fitness as a Holistic Approach

The conversation highlights CrossFit’s holistic approach to fitness. It isn’t just about lifting weights or running; it’s about building a versatile fitness foundation, combining strength, agility, and endurance. 

This approach resonates well with individuals looking for a comprehensive fitness strategy rather than specializing in one area.

The Worst of CrossFit

The Issue of Ego and Competition

A significant criticism discussed by Dylan revolves around the ego-driven culture that can pervade some CrossFit gyms. 

This sometimes results in harmful practices such as rep shaving—skipping repetitions to appear more competitive or capable. 

This behavior not only cheats the individual out of a full workout but can also create a toxic atmosphere, undermining the supportive community aspect.

Intensity and Injury Risk

The high-intensity nature of CrossFit workouts is a double-edged sword. While it can lead to quick fitness gains, it also increases the risk of injury. 

Dylan and Chris discuss how the push to perform can lead some to ignore their body’s signals, leading to overtraining or improper form, ultimately resulting in injuries.

Misguided Priorities and Fitness Snobbery

They further critique the sometimes misguided priorities within the CrossFit community, where the emphasis on being part of an ‘elite fitness’ group can overshadow the fundamental goals of health and fitness. 

This snobbery can alienate newcomers and create an unwelcoming environment for those not performing at the highest levels.

Personal Stories and Philosophical Insights

Overcoming Challenges

Both speakers share personal anecdotes about the times they’ve pushed their limits, highlighting how these challenges contributed to their growth both inside and outside the gym. 

These stories underscore the mental and emotional growth that accompanies physical challenges.

Fitness Philosophy

Dylan and Chris discuss their fitness philosophies, shaped by their experiences with CrossFit and other disciplines. 

They stress the importance of a balanced approach to fitness, where mental health is as significant as physical training.

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Concluding Thoughts

This conversation between Dylan and Chris offers an insightful look into the complexities of CrossFit. 

By discussing both the positive aspects and the significant challenges, they provide a balanced perspective that can help current and prospective CrossFitters make informed decisions about their fitness journeys.


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