Betty Aborah (63KG) Raw Deadlifts 240 Kilograms; 9 Kilograms Over IPF World Record

Dutch powerlifter Betty Aborah began her lifting career in 2022 but is already knocking on the door of a world-record deadlift. Aborah lifts in the 63KG class in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and is still in the Junior category (ages 19-23). Still, she seems set to rewrite the record books the next time she competes internationally.

Aborah’s rate of progress is accelerating, too. On March 26, 2024, she posted a new deadlift PR of 220 kilograms for three repetitions. She added an incredible 20 kilograms for a raw single one month later. Check out Aborah’s remarkable 240-kilogram raw deadlift in the video below, courtesy of Aborah’s Instagram page:

Aborah deadlifts with a wide sumo stance, which suits her proportions well. Using only a lifting belt to assist her, she took the barbell in a mixed grip and locked it out smoothly. The only sign of struggle was a shaky right knee.

The Junior world record in the 63KG class belongs to France’s Samantha Eugenie at 216 kilograms. Aborah is a long way past that in training and will almost certainly smash the record to smithereens at the first opportunity.

In the IPF, world records can only be set at an international competition, so Aborah must bide her time until she can officially break the record.

The Open world record in the 63KG class was set at 231 kilograms by Prescillia Bavoil at the 2022 UK Arnold. Aborah appears to have that weight in her lifting repertoire and may break that record while still in the Junior category.

Aborah is preparing for the KNKF Dutch Junior National Championships on May 11-12, 2024, in Stamproy, Netherlands. From there, it’s unclear whether she will compete at the Junior powerlifting event at the heart of the Euro Muscle Show at the Rai Centre in Amsterdam in July or keep her powder dry until IPF World Junior Powerlifting Championships in Malta in August.

Whichever path Aborah chooses, it looks like a brand new name will enter the record books soon.

Featured image: @bettylifts on Instagram

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