Fitness SF Taps InsideTracker for Lab Tests as Gyms Embrace Health

The era of personalized health is here. Fitness SF is making biomarker testing available as a membership option

The gym is quickly becoming a proactive healthcare space, and getting lab work may soon become as natural as grabbing a post-workout smoothie.

Fitness SF, a family-owned group of eight health clubs in the Bay Area, is one of the latest fitness brands to blend biomarker testing with its training services. The West Coast health club brand announced a partnership with InsideTracker, a biotech startup that secured $15 million in a Series B funding round in 2022 and boasts an AI-powered platform that generates insights and actionable recommendations based on biomarker analysis. The biotech company has worked with Oura in the past.

Now, InsideTracker and Fitness SF will develop a program that includes a one-time DNA analysis (for baseline measurement purposes) and biannual blood biomarker testing to track progress. The “reimagined membership” offering will be available to over 35,000 clients and Fitness SF staffers.

Fitness & Healthcare Converge

Zsolt Jackovics, Fitness SF president, says the partnership signals the health club’s embrace of integrating healthcare diagnostics within the walls of the modern gym. Another key partnership component is the Institute of Motion, which will assist Fitness SF coaches in professional development. 

“Our dedication to an emerging future is shown through our commitment to personalized diagnostics that produce significant results,” Jackovics said. “This venture is powered by the collaboration of three innovative companies.”

The new program will start with internal employees before being expanded to club members, and complements Fitness SF’s in-house InBody and blood pressure testing. The personalized program is free for the health club’s employees as part of the operator’s corporate wellness initiative.

credit: Fitness SF

InsideTracker services will also be part of the health club’s personal training packages, allowing Fitness SF coaches and trainers to gain a better understanding of members’ individual needs and fine-tune personalized recommendations. 

The partnership represents a new level of accessibility in personalized health and fitness, said InsideTracker’s CEO Rony Sellam.

“Combining InsideTracker’s advanced technology with Fitness SF’s expertise will redefine the way individuals approach their health and wellness and deliver a better experience to gym members focused on long-term health,” Sellam said.

credit: InsideTracker

Biomarkers as a Value-Add

Luxury lifestyle and fitness brand Equinox made a similar move last month, partnering with Function Health, a longevity health-tech startup founded by Dr. Mark Hyman. Equinox trainers will develop specialized programs for members based on their biological profiles from lab tests.

A 2021 report from McKinsey showed that 88% of consumers are keen on personalization and prioritize it in their fitness and wellness journeys, a strong indicator that Fitness SF and Equinox are the first of potentially many club operators to offer biomarker-based training and guidance.  

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