Pvolve, Jennifer Aniston Drop Equipment Bundle, Workout Collection

The fast-growing functional fitness brand is nearing the one-year anniversary of its groundbreaking partnership with the A-list celeb
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Pvolve has launched an exclusive fitness bundle and workout calendar curated by Jennifer Aniston, the face of its brand. The A-list celebrity and the functional fitness brand are coming up on the one-year anniversary of their partnership, forged in June 2023.

The Essentials bundle features the patented P.ball, P.band, P.3 Trainer, as well as the Slant Board, Heavy Ankle Band and Gliders, all of which Aniston uses regularly in her fitness routine. The limited-edition package is also accompanied by a three-month Pvolve Streaming Membership and a branded tote. 

“We’re thrilled to celebrate nearly one year of partnering with the incredible Jennifer Aniston. She’s an inspiration for me and many members of our community, demonstrating the power of The Pvolve Method and its many benefits,” said Rachel Katzman, founder of Pvolve. “We’re so happy we’ve been able to help Jen feel stronger, and we’re confident these new offerings will help our members feel stronger, too.”

Essentials Bunde (credit: Pvolve)

To get started with the new bundle, Aniston and her Pvolve trainer, Dani Coleman, put together a suggested monthly workout calendar featuring classes that mimic Aniston’s Pvolve training schedule.

In celebration of the launch, Pvolve and Aniston are launching a Spring Challenge that runs between May 13 and June 9. Members who take 12 classes during that month will be entered into a sweepstakes where one grand prize winner will receive a trip to Los Angeles for a private training session with Coleman. 

“The Pvolve Method is different from other workouts I’ve done in my life,” Aniston said. “There’s so much variety in each workout that it keeps you interested, on your toes, and motivated. Whether you’re just starting or more advanced, the low-impact, high-intensity classes and world-class trainers challenge you without putting an unhealthy level of strain on your body.”

credit: Pvolve

Pvolve has been rapidly growing its brick-and-mortar presence amid the successful partnership with Aniston and its science-backed approach to fitness, with nearly 50 franchise locations sold and 9 studios opened, six of which are franchised, as of last month.

The functional fitness brand opened its first franchise studio in San Diego last year and has since expanded to markets including New York City, Austin, Nashville and Canada.

Soon after Aniston joined the brand, Pvolve reported a 650% increase in branded search and a 125% increase in franchise inquiries. 

The Essentials Bundle can be purchased online for $349.99 starting today and will be available for a limited time only. 

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