2024 World’s Strongest Man Event 2 “Deadlift Ladder” Results 

The opening day of the 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competition continued with Event 2 — the Deadlift Ladder.

The contest platform was lined with five barbells loaded with 661, 705, 750, 793, and 841 pounds. The competitors aimed to complete all five reps in the fastest time possible.* The time cap was 60 seconds.

The event was a replica of 2023, with heats comprised of head-to-head matchups.

*The number of reps in the fastest time determined rank for athletes unable to complete the course.

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2024 World’s Strongest Man Event 2 Results — Deadlift Ladder

The final standings for all five groups are as follows.

Group 1

Tristain Hoath (CAN) — 49.68 seconds

Eddie Williams (AUS) — 58.07 seconds

Luke Stoltman (UK) — Four in 30.86 seconds

Kevin Faires (USA) — Four in 42.35 seconds

Trey Mitchell (USA) — Four in 49.72 seconds

Oskar Ziółkowski (POL) — Three in 46.35 seconds

Trey Mitchell and Oskar Ziółkowski clashed in the opening head of the event. Mitchell scored four reps to win the heat, but his time was insufficient to maintain position in the top half of the leaderboard.

Kevin Faires and Tristan Hoath battled in heat two. Hoath fired from the gate early and converted all five weights in sub-fifty seconds to win the event. Luke Stoltman versus Eddie Williams closed Group One’s session. Williams continued his impressive run early with a second-place finish to stay on top of the group on the overall leaderboard after two events.

Group 2

Mitchell Hooper (CAN) — 36.54 seconds

Austin Andrade (MEX) — 51.14 seconds

Ondrej Fojtu (CZE) — Four in 32.51 seconds

Gavin Bilton (UK) — Four in 38.23 seconds

Nicolas Cambi (ITA) — Four in 46.48 seconds

Spenser Remick (USA) — Four in 53.52 seconds

Nicolas Cambi and Gavin Bilton kicked off heat one for Group Two. Though both reached the final barbell, neither could covert the 841-pound pull.

Spenser Remick and Austin Andrade stepped up for heat two. Andrade completed all five deadlifts in just over 50 seconds to take the lead. Remick completed his fourth deadlift in approximately the same time frame.

After event one, Ondrej Fojtu and Mitchell Hooper co-held the overall lead and were paired again in heat three of the Deadlift Ladder. Hooper did not need lifting straps until the fourth bar. Hooper blitzed the group by 15 seconds to take the event win.

Group 3

Adam Bishop (UK) — 27.17 seconds

Mathew Ragg (NZ) — 30.72 seconds

Thomas Evans (USA) — 52.53 seconds

Aivars Šmaukstelis (LVA) — Four in 35.88 seconds

Pa O’Dwyer (IRL) — Four in 40.11 seconds

Rob Kearney (USA) — Three in 29.22 seconds

Rob Kearney and Pa O’Dwyer set up for the first heat for Group Three. Both flew through the first three deadlifts as wind picked up on Myrtle Beach. O’Dwyer reached the final barbell first but he failed to lift it.

Thomas Evans and Mathew Ragg bashed in heat two. Ragg had no issues with any of the lifts, clearing all five barbells in just over 30 seconds.

Aivars Šmaukstelis and Adam Bishop finished the session for group three. Bishop, who was firing on all cylinders, set the winning time for all five barbells of just over 27 seconds. Bishop is two-for-two in event wins thus far at the 2024 WSM.

Group 4

Rauno Heinla (EST) — 40.27 seconds

Evan Singleton (USA) — 44.55 seconds

Marcus Crowder (USA) — Four in 43.7 seconds

Kane Francis (UK) — Four in 26.98 seconds

Evans Nana (GHA) — Four in 31.59 seconds 

Pavlo Kordiyaka (UA) — Three in 26.64 seconds

Group Four got underway with Evans Nana versus Kane Francis, Rauno Heinla versus Pablo Kordiyaka, and Evan Singleton versus Marcus Crowder at the end. Rauno Heinla won the event with his stellar deadlift prowess in a time of 40.27 seconds.

Group 5

Wesley Derwinsky (CA) — 45.9 seconds

Tom Stoltman (GB) — 46.48 seconds

Jaco Schoonwinkel (SA) — Four in 29.87 seconds

Nathan Goltry (USA) — Four in 48.12 seconds

Adam Roszkowski (POL) — Three in 37.35 seconds

Bobby Thompson (USA) — WD

The fans were ready for more, even after four fast and heavy deadlifting groups. Fortunately for them, Group Five entered the competition area.

Less fortunately, Bobby Thompson limped out and announced that he had to drop out due to a lower-body injury he suffered and aggravated during the first event. He did not share specifics. Thus, Adam Roszkowski competed on his own. Thompson watched as the man from Poland completed three lifts.

Nathan Goltry and Wesley Derwinsky were next, and the man from Canada got all five bars to win his matchup. Jaco Schoonwinkel and two-time winner Tom Stoltman finished the event, and Stoltman lifted all five weights rather easily. However, Derwinsky was faster, and he takes the win for his group.

Event Three to Close Day One

The final event for the first day of competition is the Sandbag Steeplechase, which challenges the athletes to load increasingly heavy sandbags over a bar in the fastest time possible. Stay tuned to BarBend for continuing coverage of the 2024 World’s Strongest Man.

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