Bobby Thompson Withdraws From 2024 World’s Strongest Man Due To Injury

Another injury plagues the 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest. This time around, it occurred during Day One of the competition in the opening event. Bobby Thompson suffered what appeared to be a foot injury during the Webster Stones event that resulted in him limping off the contest platform.

Upon entering the second event of the competition, the Deadlift Ladder, Thompson was seen wearing a foot support shortly before confirming his withdrawal from the 2024 WSM. The specifics of Thompson’s injury are not yet known.

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Thompson’s 2024 WSM journey was brief. Although one of the favorites to advance through his Qualifying Stage due to the event layout between deadlifts and viking presses, Thompson’s time in the competition ended before the conclusion of Day One.

Thompson’s performance in the Webster Stones resulted in a last-place finish in his group after traveling 20 meters with the unevenly weighted stones before limping out with his injury. Thompson withdrew before attempting the Deadlift Ladder event. Group Five’s remaining competitors are Wesley Derwinsky, Tom Stoltman, Jaco Schoonwinkel, Nathan Goltry, and Adam Roszkowski.

Thompson has not shared any information regarding his withdrawal on his social media or elsewhere at the time of this article’s publication. BarBend will provide updates regarding Thompson’s injury as more information becomes available.

Featured image: @theworldsstrongestman on Instagram

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