2024 World’s Strongest Man Event Five “Car Walk” Results

The fifth event of the 2024 World’s Strongest Man is a fan favorite — the Car Walk. The penultimate event of the Qualifying stage is important for all the athletes. At the conclusion of this event, the strongmen atop the leaderboard of each group advance to the finals, starting on May 4, 2024.

The frame of the Volkswagen Beetle weighs 1,000 pounds. The strongmen were charged to yoke walk the car down a 20-meter course in the quickest time possible. There was a 60-second time cap. The fastest time determines the winner; if an athlete fails to cross the finish line, they are scored via their distance.

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2024 World’s Strongest Man Results — Car Walk

Below are the results for each of the five Qualifying groups:

Group 1

Eddie Williams (AUS) — 14.06 seconds

Tristain Hoath (CAN) — 23.2 seconds

Luke Stoltman (UK) — 24.14 seconds

Trey Mitchell (USA) — 16.77 meters

Kevin Faires (USA) — 12.91 meters

Oskar Ziółkowski (POL) — 0.52 meters

Oskar Ziółkowski and Kevin Faires ran the opening heat for Group One. Eddie Williams versus Trey Mitchell ran second. Luke Stoltman and Tristan Hoath ran third.

Williams scored the fastest time for the Group to culminate his much-improved performance since the 2023 WSM. His time of a hair over 14 seconds was the group’s winning time. Mitchell gave a valiant effort but came up short before time expired.

Hoath knew that he would secure his spot in the 2024 WSM Final if he completed the course within the time cap. He did just that as he edged out Stoltman by just over a second. Stoltman and Williams are set to clash in the Group One Stone-Off for the other Final spot. Faires, Mitchell, and Ziółkowski are eliminated from the 2024 WSM.

Group 2

Spenser Remick (USA) — 20.87 seconds

Austin Andrade (MEX) — 24.13 seconds

Nicolas Cambi (ITA) — 35.69 seconds

Mitchell Hooper (CAN) — 3.3 meters

Ondrej Fojtu (CZE) — 2.01 meters

Nicolas Cambi opened for Group 2 solo. He finished just over 35 seconds in to set the mark to beat. Austin Andrade and Spenser Remick ran in heat two, followed by Ondrej Fojtu and defending champion Mitchell Hooper in heat three.

Hooper is a specialist on yoke walks with heavy weights but barely moved the car under the Myrtle Beach sun as that was all he needed to secure his spot in the Final. Fojtu locked his position in the Stone-Off even with a last-place finish in the Car Walk.

Andrade and Fojtu will square up in the Stone-Off. Cambi and Remick are eliminated, though the latter leaves the competition floor with an event win.

Group 3

Rob Kearney (USA) — 12.07 seconds

Aivars Šmaukstelis (LVA) — 17.07 seconds

Mathew Ragg (NZ) — 19.17 seconds

Thomas Evans (USA) — 55.58 seconds

Adam Bishop (UK) — 15.2 meters

Pa O’Dwyer (IRL) — no lift

Pa O’Dwyer and Rob Kearney started off Group 3. “The World’s Strongest Gay” was competing in his final contest before retiring from competitive strongman. Aivars Šmaukstelis and Thomas Evans ran in the group’s second heat, followed by the group leaders Matthew Ragg versus Adam Bishop.

Kearney went out with a bang, finishing the course in 12 seconds. O’Dwyer could not move the car, leaving Kearney to have a special moment with the crowd in his send-off event.

By the end of the heats, Ragg secured his spot in the Final by winning the group. Kearney posted the fastest time in the group. Bishop ruptured his left Achilles which required him to withdraw from the competition after being assisted off the course.

Group 4

Evans Nana (GHA) — 18.36 seconds

Marcus Crowder (USA) — 22.23 seconds 

Kane Francis (GB) — 23.56 seconds

Pavlo Kordiyaka (UA) — 29.89 seconds

Rauno Heinla (EST) — 8.75 meters

Evan Singleton (USA) — 0*

*Clinched a Finals slot.

Evan Singleton clinched his Final spot before the event began. As such, he chose not to run the course.

Evans Nana and Kane Francis have been paired for every event thus far, but Nana clashed against Marcus Crowder in the Car Walk. Francis faced off against Rauno Heinla. Francis got the better of that matchup as Heinla could not complete the course.

Pavlo Kordiyaka competed on the course alone, knowing that beating Heinla’s distance would secure him second place in the group entering the Stone-Off. Crowder and Kordiyaka will clash in the Stone-Off with the advantage to Kordiyaka.

Featured image: @theworldsstrongestman on Instagram

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