Beat Your Murph PR This Year – Practical Tips to Train For One of the Toughest Workouts

Murph is a brutal test of fitness, but it doesn’t have to break you.

 If you’ve struggled with Murph in the past, or are looking to crush your personal best, Jordan Schaeffer Fitness has the plan to get you there. 

This structured approach will help you pace yourself effectively and partition the workout to avoid burning out early. Want to find out your potential Murph time? 

A ‘Quarter Murph’ test run will reveal the pacing and strategy adjustments you need to make for optimal performance.

Key Preparations for Murph

The intensity and volume of Murph often lead participants to start too strong and burn out early. 

Jordan Schaeffer Fitness emphasizes the importance of pacing and workout structuring to manage the rigorous demands effectively and ensure completion.

Structuring the Workout: A Methodical Approach

Jordan advocates for partitioning the workout into manageable sets to avoid early fatigue. 

The recommended strategy is 20 rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats. 

This approach helps distribute the physical stress evenly, maintaining muscle function and stamina throughout the workout.

Practical Testing: Quarter Murph

Jordan recommends testing your training through a Quarter Murph, which involves a quarter-mile run, five rounds of 5-10-15 rep structure, followed by another quarter-mile run. 

This test run is crucial for adjusting pacing and strategy based on real-time physical responses and recovery needs.

Timing and Pacing Strategy

For ambitious goals like a sub-40-minute finish, Jordan suggests specific pacing strategies, such as completing each set at the top of every minute. 

This helps maintain a steady exertion level without peaking too early, crucial for enduring the entire workout without significant drops in performance.

Training Insights and Adaptations

Insights from the Quarter Murph play a significant role in final preparations. Depending on performance, adaptations might be necessary, such as adjusting the pace of the initial run or modifying rest periods between exercise sets. 

Jordan emphasizes the importance of listening to your body and adapting your strategy accordingly.

More Specific Tips:

Wear the vest in training: Jordan emphasizes the importance of training in a workout-specific outfit. For Murph, this might involve wearing a tactical vest and choosing apparel that’s similar to what you’ll wear on the day of the event. This helps simulate the conditions and challenges you’ll face during the actual workout.

Warm-Up Routine: Before attempting the Quarter Murph or any rigorous training session, Jordan recommends a comprehensive warm-up. This includes light running, dynamic stretches, and doing some of the exercise components of Murph (pull-ups, push-ups, squats) to prepare the body and reduce the risk of injury.

Hydration and Nutrition: Jordan suggests using specific hydration supplements like electrolytes. Maintaining proper hydration and nutrition is crucial for peak performance, especially during intense and lengthy workouts like Murph.

Strategic Rest Periods: It’s important to plan for strategic rest periods within the workout. For example, if you’re performing sets every minute on the minute (EMOM), knowing how much time it takes to complete a set allows for brief rest periods. This pacing strategy helps manage energy levels and prevents over-exertion.

Adaptability in Training: Flexibility in adapting your training is crucial. If fatigue sets in earlier than anticipated, it’s essential to adjust the pace or the structure of the workout. Jordan stresses the importance of listening to your body and modifying the workout plan to maintain performance without hitting a wall.

Testing and Feedback: Regular testing, like the Quarter Murph, provides valuable feedback on your fitness level and workout structure. It’s a practical way to gauge whether your current pacing and structure will allow you to meet your Murph goals.

Motivation and Mental Preparation: Jordan points out that while the physical preparation is crucial, mental readiness is just as important. Understanding the difficulty of Murph and mentally preparing for the challenge can make a significant difference in performance.

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Jordan Schaeffer Fitness equips you with strategies and insights to tackle Murph with confidence. Through structured training and practical tests, you can optimize your performance and possibly achieve a personal best. Remember, successful completion of Murph is a testament to not only physical strength but also strategic planning and perseverance.


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