Want Ab Exercises That Work? Coach Eugene Teo’s Got You Covered

Fitness content creator Eugene Teo has pulled the curtain back on what he considers five of the best ab exercises for building a chiseled midsection. Alongside hybrid athlete Alec Blenis, Teo stresses the importance of progressively overloading the abdominals — rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis, quadratus lumborum) — through a full range of motion (ROM) for maximal strength gains

Eugene Teo’s Top 5 Ab Exercises To Build a Six-Pack 

GHD Sit-Up (Lower Abs)

Reverse GHD Sit-Up (Upper Abs)

Cable Twist (Obliques)

Dynamic Cable Twist (Obliques)

45-degree Side Bends (Obliques and Quadratus Lumborum)

Check out the video below:

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1. GHD Sit-Up

Unlike traditional sit-ups, which bias the upper abs, GHD sit-ups target the entire rectus abdominis. Blenis recommends setting your lower back on the GHD’s pad for support so that your head is perpendicular to the floor at the bottom of the movement. From there, slowly contract the abdomen to pull the ribs down toward the pelvis — aim for a 45-degree torso angle at the top.

Blenis recommends focusing on a deep inhale as you descend, fully expanding your ribcage. Then, exhale powerfully during the concentric. This form can maximize results and help prevent injuries.

2. Reverse GHD Sit-Up

The reverse GHD sit-ups target the upper abs and inner core. On a decline-set GHD, support your upper and middle back on the free end of the pads and grip the foot holds.

Teo’s feet were a few inches off the floor at the bottom. He initiated a reverse crunch, bringing his knees to his elbows, pausing in the fully shortened position. His eccentrics were slow and controlled to ensure the abs controlled the motion.

Blenis explained that the lower abs might initiate the movement, but the upper abs perform most of the work once the knees are above hip level.

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3 & 4. Cable Twists & Dynamic Cable Twist

The half-kneeling cable twists target the obliques. Many people set up for this exercise at a right angle to the machine, which limits the ROM.

To get the most out of cable twists, Blenis recommends turning your body 45 degrees to train against greater resistance.

“When it comes to core work, people fear moving quickly,” said Blenis. He demonstrated the standing dynamic cable twists involving a staggered stance with explosive side-to-side torso rotations. “This exercise is all about using the most weight, being as powerful and efficient as possible, and creating the most force you can.”

5. 45-degree Side Bends

The final exercise involves side hyperextensions on a bench set at 45 degrees. Lower your torso as far toward the floor as possible during eccentrics to achieve a deep stretch. 45-degree side bends target the obliques and the quadratus lumborum, a muscle on the lower back that helps with rotation. 

Advanced athletes can hold a weight plate overhead to further load the obliques. Blenis cautions against using too much weight, though, as lower back pain is a risk. He recommends using a lighter or no weight to hone consistently correct and strict form.

Besides training, building a six-pack requires a healthy diet and maintaining a lower body fat percentage. So, while these five exercises are a great place to build your midsection, maintaining a calorie deficit to reveal that aesthetic midsection is part of the equation.

Featured image: @coacheugeneteo on Instagram

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