2024 World’s Strongest Man Finals Event 6 “Atlas Stones” Results 

On May 1, 2024, 30 strongmen entered the Qualifying Stage of the 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM). After six events, the field narrowed to the top 10.

Following a rest day, those 10 athletes faced off on May 4-5, 2024, through six events capstoned by the WSM’s signature closer: the Atlas Stones. Two-time WSM champion Tom Stoltman had a dominant lead over the defending WSM champion Mitchell Hooper heading into Stoltman’s signature event and seemed effectively hardlocked to claim his third WSM title.

The fans in Myrtle Beach were on their feet as Stoltman was the lone strongman to successfully lift all five Atlas Stones to claim the 2024 WSM championship.

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2024 World’s Strongest Man Atlas Stones Results

Five Atlas Stones, ranging from 140 to 210 kilograms (308 to 462 pounds) waited for the competitors on stage before their respective podiums. The lightest stone was farthest from its podium; heavier stones were closer to their pedestals.

Each strongman attempted to load all five stones in the fastest time possible within the 60-second time cap. Entering the final event, Tom Stoltman had a 4.5-point lead over Hooper.

Tom Stoltman — 5 in 38.14 seconds

Mitchell Hooper — 4 in 37.35 seconds

Tristain Hoath — 4 in 43.79 seconds

Pavlo Kordiyaka — 4 in 44.58 seconds

Matthew Ragg — 4 in 49.93 seconds

Austin Andrade — 3 in 24.42 seconds

Evan Singleton — 3 in 29.09 seconds

Wesley Derwinsky — 3 in 30.8 seconds

Aivars Šmaukstelis — 3 in 32.88 seconds

Luke Stoltman — 3 in 36.09 seconds

WSM Director Colin Bryce presented the Jimmy Pollack Award in recognition of someone who has gone above and beyond to Eddie Williams before the event began.

The winds picked up as rain was in the forecast when it was time to lift. Aivars Šmaukstelis faced off against Luke Stoltman in the first heat. Both strongmen loaded three stones, but Šmaukstelis was quicker.

The second heat featured Tristain Hoath of Canada versus Ukraine’s Pablo Kordiyaka. Both strongmen reached the final stone, but time ran out before either could load it. A video review determined that Hoath won the heat by less than one second.

Heat three featured Wesley Derwinsky against Austin Andrade. The two WSM rookies put on a show, loading three stones each to curtain call their first WSM Final.

Evan Singleton battled Matthew Ragg in the penultimate heat. Singleton held an early lead but couldn’t load the fourth stone. Ragg did secure the fourth stone to the pedestal to win the heat and place fourth overall. Singleton did enough to cement himself as the 2024 WSM bronze medalist.

The final heat to determine the 2024 WSM champion was Tom Stoltman versus Mitchell Hooper. They took their positions in a rematch of the 2023 edition of this event. Stoltman had a huge 4.5-point lead entering the event, and it would have been the upset of the century if Hooper could somehow overcome that deficit.

“The King of the Stones” was not to be denied in his signature event. Stoltman loaded all five stones to win the event and the 2024 title.

Featured image: @theworldsstrongestman on Instagram

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