Austin Perkins (74KG) Totals 37.5 Kilograms Over IPF Raw World Record in Training

74KG competitor Austin Perkins is the highest-ranked tested powerlifter in the world using the DOTs formula. He recently returned to the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) fold and is preparing for his first Classic World Championships (CWC) in 2024.

At the 2024 Powerlifting America Raw Nationals in Reno, Nevada, Perkins squatted 318 kilograms — 29.5 kilograms more than the current world record in the 74KG class. He seems set to lay waste to the IPF record books as soon as he sets foot on an international platform.

Perkins’ training recently has been incandescent. He recently exceeded the raw total world record by an incredible 37.5 kilograms. Take a look below:

Perkins began with a 307.5-kilogram squat. This is already 19 kilograms above the IPF world record set by New Zealand’s Tim Monigatti at the 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships. However, Perkins took this for a comfortable three repetitions.

To rep a weight so much higher than the current world record is a startling achievement in itself. But Perkins was not finished.

Later in the video, Perkins wore a different singlet, suggesting that the lifts were not all performed on the same day. Perkins locked out a challenging bench press of 210 kilograms. He seemed to clip the rack on the press, potentially making the lift harder than it would otherwise have been.

Perkin’s best bench press in competition is 200 kilograms. His training shows good progress. Eddie Berglund’s bench world record stands at 212 kilograms, so Perkins isn’t far off if he can replicate this lift in competition.

On the deadlift, Perkins set up in his relatively narrow sumo stance, took the barbell in a mixed grip, and locked out 335 kilograms with apparent ease. Norway’s Kjell Bakkelund set the deadlift world record at the 2024 Arnold UK at 340 kilograms, so Perkins is close to that record, too.

Perkins’ raw training total was 852.5 kilograms, albeit not completed on the same day. However, Perkins did triple the squat, suggesting his potential is much higher on that lift.

For context, the total world record in the weight class above is 842.5 kilograms. Could Perkins possibly out-total the 83KG class from the 74KG category? He certainly seems capable, judging by his current training trajectory.

Perkins will lift in the Prime Time session at the 2024 IPF CWC on June 17, 2024. The event will be live-streamed on The Olympic Channel and the Olympics YouTube Channel. If Perkins lives up to his potential, it promises to be a historic and entertaining session — don’t miss it.

Featured image: @the74kg on Instagram

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