Jeff Nippard Offers Pro Bodybuilders Form Advice Mid-Workout

The world of strength sports combines diverse training methods, from old-school bodybuilding wisdom to cutting-edge, science-backed, ever-evolving approaches. Most elite athletes agree that willingness to learn and adapt is key to consistent progress.

On May 5, 2024, natural pro bodybuilder and fitness content creator Jeff Nippard published a video on his YouTube channel wherein he approached pro athletes mid-workout, offering science-backed lifting advice.

“When I talk about technique from a science-based perspective, there are two things I look for,” said Nippard. “One is the range of motion (ROM), and the other is control on the negative.”

Check out the video below:

Nippard first approached 325-pound IFBB pro bodybuilder Morgan MacDonald, who was training medial delts via cable lateral raises. MacDonald set the pulley at the lowest setting, but Nippard suggested raising it to hip height to isolate his delts better.

“If you put it at hip height, you’ll feel the most tension while your delt is the most stretched; when the cable and arm are at 90 degrees,” explained Nippard.

Nippard turned his attention to elite powerlifter Dima Alizarchyk, who holds the Canadian all-time Junior bench press record. After observing Alizarchyk’s form, Nippard suggested Alizarchyk could improve his lift by leveraging leg drive; by pushing firmly into the floor, Alizarchyk could generate more power for heavier presses.

To improve Pro Figure bodybuilder Valerie Ratelle’s seated row form, Nippard advises retracting the scapula on concentrics and squeezing the mid traps together at the top of her ROM to achieve peak upper back contraction.

Nippard’s next stop was the 2019 Mr. Canada Eiren Gauley, who is prioritizing back width in the current off-season. Nippard recommended using the assisted pull-up machine as it helps limit momentum and ensures the lats take on most of the work.

Nippard consulted IFBB Men’s Open bodybuilder Hassan Mostafa, who wants to improve his back thickness. Nippard prescribed a chest-supported T-bar row followed by Kelso shrugs.

After hitting mechanical failure on full-ROM T-bar rows, Nippard performs mid-trap shrugs by extending his elbows and retracting his scapula. Nippard recommends flaring the elbows to bias the mid traps and limit lat recruitment.

Nippard concludes by critiquing Men’s Open division bodybuilder Quinton Eriya’s single-arm lat pulldown form. Eriya performed his reps with neutral-grip D-handle attachment. During the exercise, Eriya tends to curl his non-dominant wrist, leading to greater forearm and biceps engagement. Eriya reported a noticeable improvement in lat contraction upon returning to a proper neutral grip. 

Nippard advises against pulling the elbows behind the midline on the lat pulldown’s lowering phase. This is because the lats lose their ability to generate significant force in that overextended position.

Featured image: @jeffnippard on Instagram

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